3 de marzo de 2010

Kuraia - Kuraia [2001]

Hello, I don't know if there's really someone following my blog currently, since I have been quite absent lately, like half a year. Well, I think work put some presure on me and also I overlistened stoner rock; like jumping from one band to another...also they all were kinda sounding the same and I got like tired of it, I firmly believe. Thus in my way out I came to find some joy on Harcore Punk music, that actually explains why the last album posted belongs to Hardcore Punk Pionners Bad Brains. Well, just like hours ago I started to listen some Kyuss on rockola.fm (free alternative to last.fm) and started to listen this band called Kuraia, whose single "Bizi gera" or "Bilutzu" blew me away completely.

Mainly, Kuraia is an spanish stoner rock band, but they are in touch with punk rock also. I am posting their debut album. I believe I liked them because they brougth back to me the sound of BALERO, Rotor R and Karma to Burn (check up my previous posts), instrumentally speaking of course. Now the funny thing is that this ain't an instrumental band. Nevertheless Kuraia's intrumental core is freakin devilish, it is a like caged dog waiting to be unleashed. Now the deal with the vocalist on Kuraia is that he fits a role like Steve Brooks does in Torche. Brooks admits that he sometimes hates his voice and believes that does not fit Torche's fierceful sound, explains that Torche is some sort of a weird paradox that somehow possesses people, despite voice and intrumental base are opposite poles. Well, something similar happened to me when I first listened Kuraia, though there are some songs in which Fernando Sapo's voice fits perfectly.

Finally, there is another cool thing to point out about this stoner band. The band lyrics are not written in spanish. In fact, they're not even written in ENGLISH at all. They are written in EUSKERA...what? Nowayday an isolated language that belonged to the Navarra Kingdom, today lost and forgotten. I really don't know why the band wrote their songs in this particular language, there's probably a deep reason underneath. All I know is that it makes Kuraia's music different and such attemp to originality is certainly remarkable. Two thumbs up!!

Please enjoy this crack, I hope you like it, at least some songs, but give the band time to get into.

  1. Ni ere
  2. Bizi gera
  3. Kea
  4. Biluztu
  5. Marketing
  6. Güello gorria
  7. Ezin gelditu
  8. Bidaiatzen
  9. Uhin banpiroak
  10. Infierno
  11. Egunsentian
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PD: up to date the band has realeased 3 different albums.