20 de noviembre de 2008

Cromagnon's Rehearsals 2008

All right this a particular, mmm, a very special post. There this band called "Cromagnon", that rehearsal at my house every wednesday and some fridays. It's cool to have your friend's band playing at your house. It's cool when you live in a big house, just you and your younger brother and can fuckin unleash the very hell with no complaints...that's great. So this picture is from yesterday. You got in there "flako" the guitar solo man, and its brand new guitar...he actually tested it yesterday for the very first time and... the other guitar is Cocho's riff man gibson. Well, I would not dare to say they sound like this and like that...I just leave some youtube links for you to watch and judge for yourselves.
Originally some songs include lyrics and singing, but since the band has no singer yet nor a fuckin microphone, they are just playing instrumental. Listen every of the seven songs, they all got something special. I hope you like them, cheers and good bye.
PD: please don't mind the quality of the video, because it is shoted with a digital camera, please don't mind the darkness and please, please don't mind the camera man, because he was fuckin' stoned when shoting some videos, you will realize which videos I am talking about ajajajaj. Please leave some comments if you wish, I would appreciate that.
1. Cromagnon - Voragine
2. Cromagnon - Una noche (first rehearsal)
3. Cromagnon - Una noche (second rehearsal)
4. Cromagnon - Twice
5. Cromagnon - Song 7 (first draft, still to work out)
6 . Cromagnon - Cromagnon
7. Cromagnon - Inconciente

17 de noviembre de 2008

RotoR - 3 [2007]

Hey there pals! I'm back again and with new stuff again. This is another band I found along with Nitroseed. This time, stoner comes from Berlin, Germany. Don't know much of german stoner, but this band certainly surprised me a lot. RotoR have certainly a very wide and rich sound, like to say this is only stoner or psychodelic rock. So, I'm just will tell you some bands that came to my mind while listening the album. Oh! By the way, this a great instrumental band. That is why I made the assosiation with Nitroseed.
First, I thought inmediately about Karma to burn, then an Argentinian band called Poseidotika also appeared, along with Opeth. Weird. So let's say the band has some tough stoner rock, along with some metal, progresive stuff and the right dosis of psych. I may tell you don't even try to imagine what this band sound like...just get it and enjoy. =P
PD: Squirrel gripp records define the album as "An irresitable koloss of groove, heavy riffs and delicate jazzy playing - as it hasn`t been heard so far!"


1. Auf' Maul
2. V-ger
3. Rotor
4. Hart im Wind
5. Umkehrschub
6. Drehsturm
7. Klar Schiff
8. Nordend
9. Kaltstart
10 . Transporter

15 de noviembre de 2008

Brain Police - Brain Police [2003]

Well, I won't say stupid things this time. I won't talk about cigarretes or PS2 or whatever. (..) Today's noon is very sunny... I don't what the fuck I'm going to do the rest of the day...cuz' is just 13:42...I got some stuff there...they kick asses, but studying seems like an alternative, I have to study or...I'll be sleeping with the fishes, see?
Todays band comes from Iceland, the band name comes from Frank Zappa's song Who are the brain police? Nice tip?
I like this band because their sound brings me back memories from a Black Metal band called Ildjarn, from Nordway. I guess Stoner and Black Metal are nothing to do, but the guitar sound, I'm not talking about melodies, but pure sound, shape of sound. Ildjarn had this guitar sound, extremely saturated, very fat-swollen sound and like burned up, bursted, blew out; a really dirty garage or bassement sound. Astroqueen, Into Submission (2001) has exactly a similar sound in guitar, should check up that one if you haven't yet.
Brain Police got a nice singer, just as unmelodic as posible and sometimes drums and rythms remind me Brant Bjork, and some songs to also reminds me Cathedral's 1993 stoner masterpiece "The Ethereal Mirror".
Brain Police has quite a status in their land, and it seems that in the outlands, they're doing pretty well too. I really think this is a MUST check band, they certainly have come to give their sound an interesting and unique shape. This album has no weak songs, all of them rock, so feel free to rock the hell out of you when listening this band.


1. One blow
2. Return to the Lovechopper of D
3. Rocket fuel
4. Free Lovin' Temptress
5. Love mutha
6. Dust Revolver
7. Johnny babas
8. El duderino
9. Iron fist
10. The Journey is the Destination
11. Womble dust
12. Taste the flower
13. Jacuzzi suzy

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12 de noviembre de 2008

Nitroseed - Molt

Hey, cheer up! I'm posting very often now. In fact, I'm surprise of myself. Moreover, I brought a new band to you. Well is not actually a new band, but I discorvered it just a couple of days ago. Talking about this band, necesarily means to talk about Karma to burn, because Karma is a pionner in instrumental rock and somehow stoner. In this sense, it means to touch on many other instrumental bands outhere like Balero, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, 5ive, Treasure cat, and A Tijuana Trip, just to mention a few I enjoy a lot. Nitroseed comes from Laurel, Maryland, USA. They are regarded as Instrumental Stoner Doom. I guess such description fits their sound. They are a doom stoner band, but they got something else, they got that spark of heavy and groove that keeps you on fire and that's the reason I'm posting their stuff. I often fall sleep with stoner doom, but this an exception. They got those sweet and painfull slow repetitive compases and rythms encripted in heavy metal chords and rolled around in riffs saturated with stoner everywhere, then encripted again in a Balero's mood and rolled around in Karma to Burn's sudden chord explosions.
It's a nice band, no weak songs as Stoner Rock review says. The band play solid, furious and neverending as a flame. Take this piece without shadow of doubt. 10o% suggested.


1. Barbarian test tube
2. Creeper
3. Class War
4. Ship from up North
5. Megalodon
6. Power of the Sun
7. Combined Forces
8. Molt
9. Saturday night palsy
10 . Gut butt

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7 de noviembre de 2008

Condor - Volando alto y fuerte

I guess the idea is catching up. I wonder if you have played a PS2 game called "DEF JAM", some pals are playing that game while I'm posting this...it's a grat game, I mean it... I'm not playing because I'm just to good...so I make fights short enough like to make them boring...that ain't fair. Now, this a Chilean band. Condor was born in 2003. Their crew say they draw influences from actionrock, punkrock and stoner. To name a band, I'd say Motorhead and according to to friend of mine, they sound like Tabernarios and Hielo Negro, both Chilean rock n' roll stoner bands. Listen this band and you gonna feel like to kick some asses, drink, get high and chat up some babes. Rock n' roll is here, please do you ears a favor and grab this shit people. Take care and happy leech.

PD: I got this album from southernkataklysm.blogspot.com, so let's give him some credit, thanks man.


1. Hijo mío
2. 90 instantes
3. Por unos pesos
4. Copa de mas
5. El padrino
6. No cambiare
7. Cruda de bar
8. Paga el precio
9. El otro blues
10. Hacia el infierno
11. Blusi
12. Fumanchu
13. Volando alto

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4 de noviembre de 2008

Yawning man - Pothead

It's true that I have like vanished from the surfice of the earth. It's true that the first month I posted 30 albums. The second month just 8 and on October only 4. But, I 've been busy...just thinking that I have like 5 months left of youth and freedom, after that, I should start working. FUCK!! I just enjoy my parents giving me some money and pay for everything... I wonder if it is that cool to live on your own, under your own rules and everything. One thing is clear, thinking to much about it fucks your mind. So I decided to stop and post something...light a cigarrete meanwhile...eat some cookies...some sweeet little rounded tight cookies...I guess that of "tight" cookies does not make much sense...I wonder where the fuck is my lighter...now I found it and does not work...perfect! I think posts ago I said something about how bad Chilean cigarretes were...so, I won't throw more shit to my country, it already has enough.
Yawning man is the band you are looking for in case you wanted to loose your wit. I mean it. It like drag you down to far distant dimensions. That's cool. That's dangerous too. Also, I haven't like posted many things because I'm running out of stuff...the bands I like haven't release nothing new...so I guess we'll just have to wait. At first, I thought about uploading the Unquestionable precense album of experimental death metal band Atheist. Those guys are mad...the drummer or percusionist has like 20 arms, but I gave up the idea, because I guess was out of context. What the hell, enjoy this one chumps.


1. Manolete
2. Digital smoke signal
3. Encounters with an angry god
4. Samba de primavera

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12 de octubre de 2008

Yajaira - Yahaira [1998]

Hey! There's only one thing to say at this point, Yajaira is the best stoner band of South America. I know that "Los Natas" got like a respectable status, but since I have not heard such band in depth, I'd say Yajaira is the best shit to roll over the floor and go out to kick some asses. Are lookin' for some fuckin' rock and roll? So just get this jewel people, Chilean stoner at its best!


1.- Horizonte
2.- Alcohol
3.- Escucha el viento
4.- Bajo presión
5.- Corre, respira, descansa
6.- Camonbeibe
7.- Hacia el Sol
8.- Dame tu alma
9.- Más
10.- Gorgar
11.- H.E.E.B.
12.- Sweet weed (Live)
13.- Caminar (Live)
14.- Camonbeibe (live)

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10 de octubre de 2008

Stoner States Essentials

Well, this is mm… a “weird post”, just to show how big my ego gets sometimes. I’m gonna like add a list of those bands I consider “essential”, in case you like stoner music. Now, something special is that this list will not only include those bands regarded as stoner rock or stoner metal, but also those bands that somehow makes you feel like dizzy and are capable to drag your mind into their inner worlds.
I’ve been like listening to stoner some years, not many, but enough I guess considering that I’m like an obsessive and compulsive person…but ain’t gonna talk about myself here. So here you got such list and you may find each album mentioned, in this very website. Also, I won’t say which band is better, but only refer to them. Nonetheless, being this blog my own creation, you should consider my likes, whenever it comes to check up new stuff. These bands are those bands I cannot live without.

Balero: This is HELL itself. What I like about this instrumental stoner band is that having only 3 members, it is able to unleash the inferno over your brain and it is stoner in every sense, because the tempos and rhythm keep you at their sound without any distraction, but dancing and mosh-ing. They like start quiet to end up in chaos. They put your blood to boil. Balero is wrath. They are not the typical instrumental stoner band like pelican and many others with long slow songs, but short and breathtaking. Balero are like stoner explosions.

Karma to Burn: West Virginia might have been the greatest place in earth, back in Karma to Burn’s heyday. This is another Instrumental band, more like southern rock, but stoner as well. When approaching this band you got to go over “Wild, wonderful purgatory” which by far their best work. In fact, this album should be called “greatest hits”. Unlike Balero’s fat and massive sound, Karma is more like a knife or sword, something enough sharp and precise like to split you “right in two”. But also may make you suffer, got some slow songs with passages of pure hate. Karma got that skill to change the whole song climate in a matter of seconds. Got also like more melancholic songs, but the anger keeps at it, like going behind, always stalking your ears to suddenly melt them down. Something important about this band is that being from the later 90s, it helped to give birth and strength to many later stoner bands.

Treasure Cat: This band comes from the “leftovers” or “ashes” of Karma to burn, so now you may see how much I appreciate Karma. The bass work preformed in this band is just “ravishing” (Matt Cross), as well as the work done by “percussionist” Roy Brewer and finally, guitarist Will Melcum. Nonetheless, the view here is different than in Karma. Treasure Cat is more of a groovy experience. The sound isn’t as massive as in Balero or Karma, but rather more joyful, in the sense that this band sound does not throw to ground. On the contrary, somehow it pours you over an addictive balsam that keeps you at their sound. Cats like got nine lives, that effects is proper of this music. The joy never dies, but sets your brain into fire and makes you burn for hours. After a couple of minutes, Treasure cat turns into wrath as well or maybe more of a “berzek” state, cuz is a joyful experience as I said, and this like a band to listen with more people. The first, I rather listen them alone so that I can lose within myself.

Well, this is it for now. I should post some more topics like this one, once in while, just like to state my own line and likes within this particular style of music. Instrumental stoner rocks, because as I said in my previous post, there is no bounds of any kind, it jus you and the music alone. Bands with lyrics often take your mind to one direction, if the topic is hate, then the lyrics should lead you to politics or anti-christianism, but lacking lyrics, you can ake your own picture of the music, your own paradise or hell, that’s the essence of stoner music, the voice should that too, to be a mere instrument you may interpret free bounds.

9 de octubre de 2008

Hotel Wrecking City Traders - EP [2007]

Now comes something new to this blog. Something my ears were glad to discover, just a few days ago. First, I must say thanks to "Sludgeswamp", cuz' I found the band while exploring his blog, which has vast loads of material, so it is quite a nice place to check up.
Well, this a Mellbourne, Australia band. The most amazing thing is that the band has only two members: "ben" the drummer and "toby" on guitars. Coming down to set the band's influences we got names like: Karma to burn, Mogwai, Kinski, Kyuss, Colour Haze, 5ive and some other instrumental bands...oh yeah! this is "Intrumental" stuff. Why is it that I like this music so much? The answer is simple, lacking vocals the music comes to you free of any bounds. I personally found that vocals set directions and rigid rythms to songs...so, in this sense instrumental music allows you to interpret music as you wish, to picture your own image of the sound waves (hate, anger, wrath [not all of them necesarily negative of course])...and I'm talking about this because I'm adding to this post an interview made to HWCT's drummer, in which he refers about the band's origins and to this particular topic of instrumental compositions. So, check up both, the album and the interview...I will probably up-load the band's second album later on, but if you want it first hand, go and get it at sludgeswamp...check up the link on my stoner sources. Take you all!

PD: I forgot to say that they have a DVD, but I haven't been able to find it..."Red Carpet Nigh Presents: Hotel Wrecking City Traders - Live At The EBC "

Interview: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=209672113&blogID=439094479


1.- The Porch
2.- Massoli
3.- Get high motherfucker!
4.- Sutter Cane
5.- Danklicker
6.- 7 minutes of tape

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8 de octubre de 2008

Kyuss - Last Session 1998

I was suppose to write this post and "post" this "post", yesterday. But I did not. Therefore, I do it today... I wish I had a cigarrete while writing this post, but I don't. I pity myself because I have in my ADIDAS "predator" backpack, one box of Argentinian Viceroy "blue blend"(still having 7mg Alquitran). They rock. They are like ten times better than half of Chilean cigarretes, and they're even light. Let's don't even mention how sweet the red ones are. But, the truth is that Argentinian tabacco is much better than Chilean one.
I don't know if tobacco has much to do with Kyuss, but feels like it. I found this weird album within my computer when clearing up. The disc has only 3 songs...but being a rarity within Kyuss discograhpy, I thought about up-loading it. I'd say is an interesting album with an opening song of about 8 minutes of lengh...so check it up before my cigarrete burns down. Rock y'all.

PD: I added this picture as "label", because everytime I trigger a kyuss search in google...this picture crops up. I think is nice, it kinda reminds me bangbross or **parade videos (jojojo).


1.- Sandpiper
2.- Mudfly
3.- Shine

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28 de septiembre de 2008

High on Fire - Death is this Communion [2007]

I have this friend of mine who has this "fixation". Whenever we speak about something that it is bizarre, for instance, about a man being decapitated while having sex with a horse (it's just an example ¿OK?, we actually don't speak about things like this, not that I remenber ) then he tends to say: wow! gore gore. The thing is that he doesn't say the words with the right pronunciation, but he says literally "gore gore" as we do in spanish, adding emphasize on the letter "e", on purpose.
Now, you may think what's the big deal about this? I mean, What is it to do with the band I'm about to post? The thing is that this band I'm posting right now, it is a band you may regard as "gore gore". To ilustrate, imagine the next scene between felipe(the man with the fixation) and Sixto (the one with stoner blog):

Felipe: Hey Sixto how are you man?
Sixto: I'm fine.
Felipe: What are you listening to?
Sixto: Oh! I'm listening High on Fire, Death is this communion.
Felipe: Wow! I listened that album the other day, gore gore.
Sixto: Yeah! It is in fact, gore gore.


01. Fury Whip 06:14
02. Waste of Tiamat 05:44
03. Death is this Communion 08:35
04. Khanrad's Wall 02:27
05. Turk 05:03
06. Headhunter 01:24
07. Rumors of War 02:51
08. DII 03:45
09. Cyclopian Scape 07:29
10. Ethereal 06:57
11. Return to NOD 06:17

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23 de septiembre de 2008

Dinamite! No 9 [2008]

Well, mmm Hi there. I'm like posting something new I've been listening lately. Well, in fact this is a collection of the magazine you may see on the label. So it gathers bands whose influences go from psychobilly to rockabilly, rock and roll and somequirky touches of surf music. Such variety of styles certainly makes this collection quite interesting and I personally got stunned with some songs such as "brass knuckle boogie", "the big kahuna", "teasing woman", "firestarter" and many others that literally are hell entertaining and ass kicking. But, how did I come to listen this stuff? Well, it all started a couple of months ago with Eagles of Death Metal and after that, another band that knocked me down was Whiskey Daredevils. In short, this collection is a ravishing mix-up of styles that worths to check up. Nevertheless, the best reason to go into this stuff is the fact that I'm uploading such files, yes, cuz' I guess people come here not only to get what they are looking for, but to try new stuff, apart from classics. Well pals, take care.

Pd: I found rather difficult to get stuff from each band in the collection. One of the few band I found something was Gutter Demons. I got of their albums, so if anyone wants them, just ask for them.


01. Skinny Jim & The Number 9 Blacktops - Firecracker Cadillac
02. Free Soul - Teasing Woman
03. Brass Knuckle Boogie -The Brass Knuckle Boogie
04. Hillbilly Rawhide - High on the Road
05. Smokestack Lightnin - Big Kahuna
06. P.Paul Fenech - Damn Happy
07. Gutter Demons - Firestarter
08. Los Asskickers Enmascarados - Terremoto Marino
09. The Hot Rod Racers - Heart Rock Blues
10. Neva River Rockets - Hot Rod Volga
11. Snake Bite - It Makes me Wild
12. Rocket in a Pocket - Satellite
13. Barneys Boogie Train - Wake up in the Morning with the Devil in my Head
14. Royal Rabbit -Switchblade Run

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18 de septiembre de 2008

Datura - Allisone [1998]

Datura is NZ band of power space sludge rock or stoner rock band. Datura has loads of 70s music influences in their riffs, so if you are into Black Sabbath, you gonna enjoy this band, cuz' it is much more powerfull and got a nice singer, whose voice resembles that of John García. Also, people like refers to this band when talking about the very best of Monster Magnet and Fu-Manchu, whenever it comes to a band with a "fat sound".
It is amazing how slang takes over when depicting the sound of a band, I wonder if everyone gets that, the generous ambiguity and free interpretation of things. Well pals, enjoy this one!
PD: the picture has nothign to do with the band =P

01 - Lost in time
02 - Astral man
03 - Journey through space
04 - Man in the space
05 - Phazer
06 - Shine
07 - Mountain

9 de septiembre de 2008

Brant Bjork - Keep your cool [jammin times]

Well, classics like this one never get old. Classics like this must inevitable be posted in each Stoner Music blog around the fuckin' world. This is the album you listen while smoking shits and talking with your pals, cuz it leads on that wave of "hey monkey boy, why are you unemployed...cuz' I'm fuckin jammin, yeah! I'm jammin (...) Johnny called me up on the telephone, just to tell me I'm not alone, let's go grab some stuff and party all night. Got no more lies to tell, I'm like falling asleep here and is not that nice to sleep over the keyboard and wake up the next day, go running to the university to find that everyone is lookin' at you...Man! What the fuck happened to you? I fell asleep, I guess... No No, I mean your face, it's like you had slept over the keyboard or sth...just get the album will you? I mean, please do it. Do yourselves a favor.


01 - Hey, monkey boy
02 - Johnny called me
03 - Rock-N-Roll'e
04 - I miss my chick
05 - Keep your cool
06 - Gonna make the scene
07 - Searchin'
08 - My soul

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Astroqueen - Into Submission [2001]

The other day I was reading my posts, cuz' I find them quite funny, so I read them when I'm feeling sad and I need like to see something stupid to cheer me up, I mean, I'm not saying I'm stupid, but that I'm smart enough like to make my posts that funny...or do you think they are not funny? Cuz' if they're not, you just tell me and I will stop writing in such lame manners.
In fact, I will not, I will do whatever I want cuz' this is my blog, yeah! so...().
Enough esquizofrenia stuff, today's post is about a Swedish band, that I came to listen a bit late, I mean, how the hell I did not find this band earlier? Anyway, considering I havel ike listened the album just a couple a times, I don't have yetmuch info over the band and there's not much in the net also. Astroqueen has released two LPs so far and some EPs, they do good stuff, you gonna enjoy how saturated the guitar sounds and voice is cool also, so here we have a good band that helps to spread the stoner music around the world, this is the kind of stuff that people should listen. See you all! Virtually, of course.


1 - Landslide
2 - Out Of This World
3 - Superhuman God
4 - Brain Phase Voyage
5 - Rufus Jr.
6 - Planet Dust
7 - The Sonic Ride
8 - Soul Burner
9 - I Go To Sleep
10 - Serve The Sun
11 - Lua Vermelha

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7 de septiembre de 2008

Whiskey Daredevils - Greatest Hits []

I wish I had a cigarrete while writing this post, but ain't got a shit, I feel lame being soo poor, I never been so poor in the last couple of weeks, damn man! Well, I'm uploading something fresh, something I found just the other day while clearing up my room. To be precise, I found the CD among those "X" Cds you were meant to heard long ago, but only God knows why you did not. This band is like Eagles of Death Metal. I must admit that my scope in what refers to rock and roll bands, rocka'billy and whatever...it is a bit limited. So people, this is just rock and roll, the one that lights your fire up to the ceiling, the one we like and feel. Sometimes it has a sound which resembles that of the country style, but believe me it fits the mood, rather than screwing up things. I won't say if Whiskey Daredevils are better than Eagles of Death Metal, I guess that's pointless, but man this album just rocks. For sure I will also post their last album"Old Favorites"[2007], which rocks too. Probably, I'll add some info about the band in that post. Take care all!


01 - AMC Hornet
02 - Jesus Walks Besides Me
03 - Let's Lynch the Landlord
04 - Mickey's Bigmouth
05 - Cool Cool Water
06 - Don't Go
07 - Ida Jane
08 - Waylon Jennings Shower
09 - Ironic Trucker Hat
10 - Waiting For You
11 - Jack Evans Wants His Lighter Back
12 - Greasy Box

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5 de septiembre de 2008

Yajaira - Lento y Real []

I guess everyone of us has at least one friend, one of those you can talk about music, bands and whatever related to this topic...I have this friend of mine, He kinda like bands from our place "CHILE", to name some we got Hielo Negro, Devil Presley, Tabernarios? and Yahaira. Last couple of days he turned a bit insistent in posting Yahaira's "Lento y Real" album and as I knew I will not wriggle out of it, I ended up listening the album to find a good band. This is more like psychodelich stuff, though it is stoner as well I would say yahaira's is more "psycho", because their sound has this sweet and nasty "trippy" effect on you. Well, just take your ears to it and enjoy it!


1. Cae
2. ¿A dónde vas tan rápido?
3. Nada
4. La serpiente antigua
5. Sin dios ni razón
6. Vidrio molido
7. El ritual
8. Sangra el cielo

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2 de septiembre de 2008

Blue Cheer - Vincebus eruptum [1968]

Well, I will keep uploading some albums to do with that top 20 list of the best stoner album ever, and this band is interesting though it has that sound tipical of the 70s. It is a very short album and I leave you Decibel's opinion of the work performed by Blue Cheer in this disc. Take care people!

8 Blue Cheer, Vincebus Eruptum | Philips (1968)
"Ah, the fabled psychedelic sounds of San Francisco. So soothing and filled with visions of hope and universal brotherhood. Ha! Get over it, Phishhead. The sound of San Fran circa 1968 was perfectly encapsulated by Blue Cheer’s feral power-trio attack of fuzz, feedback and the unrelenting wail of a sky high Marshall stack. By 1968, Frisco had devolved into McMansonland—speed-addled, brain-dead runaways living under bridges and eating neighborhood pets. Vincebus is the triumphant sound of frustration at being handed a lie and told to suck on it. Plus, Blue Cheer’s sound is just so impossibly cool. For 40 years, people have been trying to replicate their bastard approximation of Hendrix and Cream and often come up short. God bless their tortured, beautiful souls. —Scott Seward"

Retrieved from: http://www.decibelmagazine.com/features_detail.aspx?id=8936


01 - Summertime blues
02 - Rock me baby
03 - Doctor please
04 - Out of focus
05 - Parchment farm
06 - Second time around

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30 de agosto de 2008

Langhorns - Langhorns (1998)

Well, it's been a fuckin while since I posted something, think like about a week and yeh...but ain't going to tell you about the problems in my fuckin' fucked up life... it's just weird how fine weeks are not good enough to make feel happy...but only one thing makes you feel that way: weed. Wonder if that means I'm fucked up? Anyway, during my absence I was listening to some bands and I'm posting this because it cheers you up man, you listen these vibes and feel like to go on vacation (ajajaja, yeh!) I mean it, it's like crazy on let's go to surf the whole week. The band is from Sweden and they have released 3 albums so far. They make an awesome instrumental surf stuff, I love instrumental bands and this one is no exception, I'm like falling in love. Well, just check it out pals! Sure you ain't gonna regret it!


01 - Tierra del fuego
02 - Penetration
03 - Mother of Earth
04 - Buccaneer
05 - The sinner
06 - El guapo
07 - Knuckleduster
08 - Squad car
09 - John doe
10 - The quiet surf
11 - Latinia
12 - Awesome
13 - Langhorn
14 - The poker
15 - The eternal wave
16 - Pretty please

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24 de agosto de 2008

Demon Cleaner - The Freeflight [2000]

Well, I was suppose to keep up uploading the albums Decibel's magazine believe the best, but unexpectedly, I came up with Demon Cleaner's albums, then I remenbered that someone asked for them. So here I'm now fullfilling such request. Don't know many things about Demon cleaner, except that the band was formed in late 90s and broke up after their second release. After Demon Cleaner broke up, Daniel Lidén joined Dozer while Daniel Jansson and Snicken created Stonewall Noise Orchestra. Daniel Lidén and Daniel Jansson were also members of Greenleaf. Finally, this post is possible thanks to "Son of Desert", thanks man! you rock! Now let's get the album.

PD: hey I just couldn't find any good picture of the band or album, so I added that one =P, I find it sweet.


01 - Riding high
02 - Head honcho
03 - Megawheel
04 - Green leader
05 - kickback
06 - Up in smoke
07 - Barracuda
08 - Nasty disease
09 - Mothertrucker
10 - Heading home

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Sleep - Jerusalem [1999]

Wondering in the net, the other I came up with a top 20 list of the best stoner album ever -top created by a magazine called "Decibel magazine"-. I fuckin' ended up quite amazed of the albums and bands I saw in that list. So, hell curious about some unknown bands I started to look for some info to find out that some of them were nice and some other very weird... I kinda think I will post most of them, just for you to check them up. Now, I'm starting with this one, that I found rather interesting, because it is almost instrumental stoner, which is what I enjoy the most within the stoner stuff. The band is named "SLEEP" and I leave you to read, Decibel's magazine commentary on the album and the mentioned "top 20", for you check up. That's it pals!

The Top 20 Stoner Rock Albums of All Time

20 Fu Manchu, In Search of… | Mammoth (1996)
19 High on Fire, Surrounded by Thieves | Relapse (2002)
18 Acrimony, Tumuli Shroomaroom | Peaceville (1997)
17 The Obsessed, Lunar Womb | Hellhound (1991)
16 Leaf Hound, Grower of Mushrooms | Decca (1971)
15 Saint Vitus, Born too Late | SST (1986)
14 Cathedral, The Ethereal Mirror | Columbia/Earache (1993)
13 Monster Magnet, Spine of God | Caroline (1991)
12 Witchfinder General, Death Penalty | Heavy Metal (1982)
11 Masters of Reality, Masters of Reality | Def American (1988)
10 Hawkwind, Space Ritual | United Artists (1973)
9 Melvins, Bullhead | Boner (1991)
8 Blue Cheer, Vincebus Eruptum | Philips (1968)
7 Trouble, Psalm 9 (a.k.a. Trouble) | Metal Blade (1984)
6 Queens of the Stone Age, Self-Titled | Loosegroove (1998)
5 Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath | Warner Bros. (1970)
4 Kyuss, Blues for the Red Sun | Dali (1992)
3 Sleep, Jerusalem | Rise Above/The Music Cartel (1999)
2 Electric Wizard, Dopethrone | Rise Above (2000)
1 Black Sabbath, Master of Reality | Warner Bros. (1971)

retrieved from: http://www.decibelmagazine.com/features_detail.aspx?id=8936

"3 Sleep, Jerusalem | Rise Above/The Music Cartel (1999)

The words “stoner epic” don’t even come close to describing the extreme riff-hypnosis that Jerusalem visited upon the red-eyed legions of heshers, grass pirates and acid casualties who genuflected at the altar of the legendary power-trio known as Sleep. In 1995, after two albums (’91’s Volume One and ’93’s Holy Mountain) bassist/vocalist Al Cisneros, drummer Chris Hakius (both currently of Om) and guitarist Matt Pike (currently of High on Fire) recorded their masterpiece—a one-song, 52-minute album—with financial assistance from their new corporate benefactors at London Records. Jerusalem is Sabbath in slow motion, Earth 2 without track divisions and the soundtrack for an eternal bong-huffing caravan to the heart of the Holy Land rolled into a thick, hazy hour of thundering chords, booming vocals and terminal battery. Sleep would break up years before their official release in 1998, but the album originally entitled Dopesmoker will always be one of the world’s quintessential head classics. —J. Bennett"

01 - Jerusalem part. 1
02 - Jerusalem part. 2
03 - Jerusalem part. 3
04 - Jerusalem part. 4
05 - Jerusalem part. 5
06 - Jerusalem part. 6

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22 de agosto de 2008

Hielo Negro - Purgatorio Bar [2008]

Well, we got here the last album of Hielo Negro, a chilean rock and roll stoner band from the South of the country: Punta Arenas. I got an uncle in Punta Arenas, he says the place is hell cold, but that they got nice fireplaces to deal with such environmental disadvantages. This is a special band and even though there's is quite a difference between latin american stoner and USA stoner, sure worths to take a look at it, just get the thing man!


01 - Cruz del sur
02 - Purgatorio bar
03 - Kaos ahora!
04 - Arde la tierra
05 - Perro de la noche
06 - Madre yerba
07 - Sangre de lobo
08 - Bastardo
09 - Shaman
10 - Vuelo

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20 de agosto de 2008

Darediablo - Feeding Frenzy [2003]

I suppose that the people who downloaded Darediablo's first album posted, just loved the band. Well, to be honest, in that post I actually posted last Darediablo's album, not the first, cuz' at beginning the band was doing different stuff to that they did in their 3 last works. Now, this is the fifth album they released, but the second after changing their musical style, change accomplished with "Bedtime stories" in 2002. Well, arguments are no needed here, Darediablo's sound is hypnotic and addictive. I often refer to their sound as initial slow tempos which increase in speed and musical complexity progresively, their sound is unique and way too wide to approach its full extension feeling safe. Darediablo's songs are like a series of explosions in the sky, that in a few second may caught you blind and frenzy mad. Darediablo's sound is soul reaping. A band like this you do not listen it everyday, and there are not a thousand of bands that play like this one, so that's the reason why you "MUST" get this album.


01 - The hornet
02 - Behold the panther stoner
03 - Feeding frenzy
04 - Celebrity shark week
05 - Slide rule
06 - Under the table
07 - Dark horse
08 - The rig
09 - Crockett & tubbs
10 - Reisenberg
11 - Red shoes

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Kyuss - Wretch [1991]

For several years, there has been frequent speculation about the possibility of a Kyuss reunion. When asked in late 2004 about whether the band is ever coming back, Homme replied that this was unlikely to happen in the near future. However, on December 20, 2005, Garcia made a guest appearance onstage with Queens of the Stone Age during the encore of their set at the Wiltern LG in Los Angeles. They performed three Kyuss songs together: "Thumb", "Hurricane" and "Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop".[6] The band has been made numerous offers to reform, all of which they have turned down:
The offers come in all the time. They're getting more and more expensive, and more and more elaborate. The money is crazy, but I've never been tempted – I don't really care about the money, I never have. That's not what KYUSS was about, so to punctuate the end of our sentence with that would be blasphemy. KYUSS fans are so fuckin' rad, they're fuckin' badass — but to me, reunions are just not necessary. It's not what it was, it's what it is, and KYUSS was a really magical thing — and if you weren't there, well, you weren't. That's just the luck of the draw. I don't feel the urge to do it for somebody who didn't have the opportunity to see us, or just didn't take the opportunity to see us. I'll let other bands alter their great legacies. KYUSS has such a great history that it would be a total error. I like that nobody saw KYUSS, and that it was largely misunderstood. That sounds like a legend forming to me. I'm too proud of it to rub my dick on it. –Josh Homme, May 2007[7]

Scott Reeder also commented on a possible Kyuss reunion in early 2008, saying "I think everyone but Josh would do it in a heartbeat". This is due to Homme's commitments with his current band. Reeder also noted that he would "do it for free beer again".

Retrieved from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyuss


01 - [Beginning of what's about to happen] hwy 74
02 - Love has passed me by
03 - Son of a bitch
04 - Black widow
05 - Katzenjammer
06 - Deadly kiss
07 - The law
08 - Isolation
09 - I'm not
10 - Big bikes
11 - Stage III

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18 de agosto de 2008

Speedealer - Here comes death [2002]

Well, this a cool post, Why? Well, in fact, it is not cool, but rather nostalgic. Why? Because this is the band bassist Rich Mullins joined in 2002. Let's remenber that Rich Mullins was the bassist of Karma to Burn, which disbanded that very year, God knows why. I would say Rich Mullins should have never left Karma, becaused Karma rocks! But I guess he had reasons for. Speedealer is something utterly different to Karma, a hibrid of Rock/Metal/Punk and maybe stoner too. Nevertheless, I would also say don't listen to this band unless you were a hundred percent ready to rock. Check it up, the band is over loaded of blasphemous short songs, whose main characteristis are fast agressive riffs and drum compases, punk wrath and raging voices. Ironically, the picture I added of the band includes Jeff Hirshberg wearing a Karma to Burn shirt. Cool stuff!


01 - Hit and rum
02 - CCCP (cold war blues)
03 - You lose, I win
04 - Nobodys hell like mine
05 - Cream 1
06 - Sasparilla
07 - Death
08 - Hate you better
09 - No more
10 - Drink me dead
11 - 150 am
12 - Washep up
13 - Absinthe
14 - We are diseased
15 - Dealer's choice
16 - Tweeked
17 - California tumbles into the sea

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17 de agosto de 2008

Hermano - Into the exam room [2007]

Well, I'm posting this album so you stoned fellows may check up what Hermano's last album is it like. If you ask me, this far the most weird thing ever done by John Garcia and I don't know wheter for good or bad, it is just different, they sound fine, but they sound different..I would describe this album as clean, sophisticated, melancholy and elegant. Now, it is weird because I have never seen Garcia being so clean, he used to be the other way around. Therefore, it seems his taking new directions for his music. Well, I leave the link so you can judge for yourselves, get it pals!!!


01 - Kenrucky
02 - Exam room
03 - Dark horse II
04 - left side bleeding
05 - Out of key, but in the mood
06 - Hard working wall
07 - Bona-fide
08 - Don't call your mama
09 - Adoption boy
10 - At the bar
11 - Our desert home
12 - Letters from Madrid

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16 de agosto de 2008

The Sword - Gods of the Earth [2008]

Well, I was thinking in posting something fresh and brutal, and I came up with the last work of The Sword. In just two years the band have gained a considerable status, within the scene of new metal and stoner. More thrash, some chumps say this album is overloaded with. I can only say that The Sword first album was awesome. It does not matter if they are not sparking off a new sound or style, which is worst, they are playing within a genre we are used to, and its been years since something surprising came from that scene. So what makes The Sword a remarkable band is that virtue, they just play rough and brutal using the same elements a thousand bands around the world are using, except they use them better than those thousand of bands. That's a kick in the ass! I have really nothing further to say, let The Sword speak for itself. Get it now!


01 - The sundering
02 - How heavy this axe
03 - Lords
04 - Fire lances of the ancient hyperzephyrians
05 - To take the black
06 - Maiden, mother & crone
07 - Under the boughs
08 - The black river
09 - The white sea

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Orange Goblin - Frecuencies of the planet ten [1997]

Well, here we have another Orange goblin's stoner album. I think I will probably post the three of them. This the second, so there's only one left. Well, in the first Orange Goblin's post I mentioned that nowadays they were playing something rather different. The reason for that is that two of the former members are no longer playing with band, which probably explains why they ended up playing what they play, nowadays. No more comments, just get the album cuz' it is a "nice" work.


01 - The astral project
02 - Magic carpet
03 - Suruman's wish
04 - Song of the purple mushroom fish
05 - Aquatic fanatic
06 - Lothlorian
07 - Land of secret dreams
08 - Orange goblin
09 - Star shaped cloud

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Torche - In return EP [2007]

Torche is a north american band from Miami, Florida, whose tendencies stretch from stoner to sludge and doom metal. Certainly, such blend makes Torche quite an interesting project, which worth to listen. Musically speaking, Torche uses middle-slow rough repetitive compases, sporadic ghastly guitar choral solos, without lacking thundering unforeaseable passages of pure wrath. The band's sound is often compared to that of The Melvins, in what refers to master the formula. Well, that's quite an statement, considering the Melvins' status, so judge for yourselves. Torche burns!


01 - Warship
02 - In return
03 - Bring me home
04 - Rule the beast
05 - Olympus mons
06 - Tarpit carnivore
07 - Hellion

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15 de agosto de 2008

Helmet - Meantime [1992]

Hey! It's not like I'm running out of stoner, OK?. I just wanted to post this one cuz' this band is a kick in the ass. Supposedly Helmet is an alternative metal and hard rock band, I don't know, nowadays it is becoming so difficult to distinguish styles and all the fucking branches that music has that... Meantime is just hell of an album. Helmet got really famous during the 90's and signed like a millonaire contract with Interscope for this one, which was quite weird for a band of Helmet's kind, but they actually sold like over a million copies. Why? I guess they just got what other bands don't, an original and unique sound. So far I know they are still playing and doing stuff, but this album sound is hard to replicate. So, no more comments, just get it will you?

"Their music is characterized by repetitive, syncopated, staccato guitar riffs, often in odd time signatures, and almost always in a minor key with drop-D or drop-C tuning. The guitar sound is heavily distorted and dissonant, with choruses that often involve guitar feedback waves."

Retrieved from:

PD: this post goes from my pal "Aysen" ajajaja (cool as ice)


01 - In the meantime
02 - Ironhead
03 - Give it
04 - Unsung
05 - Turned out
06 - He feels bad
07 - Better
08 - Borrowed
09 - Fbla ii
10 - Role model

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14 de agosto de 2008

Queens of the Stone Age - Homonime [1998]

Well, I think it was about time to post something of Josh Homme. Josh is a sucessful guy, that's something undeniable. I remenber long ago asking to a buddy why did he believe that Josh homme got to be so sucessful and John Garcia did not or any other Kyuss' ex-member. His answer was inquisitory "because shit flows man". Well, that ain't so true, I mean Josh does good stuff, only that he later took his band to different horizons. Besides, there's sth weird in all of us like to stop listening a band when it becomes too famous and all people and suckers start to talk about the band and whatever...yeh, that like shocks you and forces you to listen sth else, something more underground and special...it's just a personal feeling. Well, in any case, Josh did great things in the past, in what refers to stoner and that good and crazy past is encripted in this album, which I found it is a god damn kick in the ass! This is stoner pals. Qotsa's first album just rocks, so get it!!


01 - Regular John
02 - Avon
03 - If only
04 - Walkin' on the sidewalks
05 - You would know
06 - How to handle a rope
07 - Mexicola
08 - Hispanic impressions
09 - You can't quit me baby
10 - Give the mule what he wants
11 - I was a teenage hand model

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13 de agosto de 2008

Eagles of death metal - Death by sexy [2006]

Are you ready for rock and roll? yeah! Are you really ready for rock and roll? YEAH!!!!! Well, for those who were waiting and for those who do not, I'm posting the last album of Jeese "the devil" Hudges. This is album is way too famous, there are like 4 or 5 songs that are very known that were used to advertise different products of franchises like ADIDAS and the game Need for Speed Undergroung, which was where I discovered the band (ajajaj). The album is a jewel within its genre, its by far the best stoner based rock and roll thing ever hear by my ears. If you liked the first album, posted previously, you gonna love this one as much as I do. It resembles a cool and fresh experience in stoner. Get it pals!


01 - I want you so hard (Boy's bad news)
02 - I got a feeling (just nineteen)
03 - Cherry cola
04 - I like to move in the night
05 - Solid gold
06 - Don't speak (I came to make bang!)
07 - Keep your head up
08 - The ballad of queen bee and baby duck
09 - Poor doggie
10 - Chase the devil
11 - Eagles goth
12 - Shasta beast
13 - Bag o' miracles

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Yawning Man - Rock Formations [2005]

Now, this a special post. In fact, it is so special that even saying this a one thousand star post, would not make it special enough. Yawning man is a cult and legendary band you need to listen. Furthermore, if you read up on the band, you may even get to understand where stoner comes from. Now, I leave you a comment to read, beause this guy knows to describe better than me what the fuck Yawning man is about. Just think about that Yawning man's music heavily influenced the likes of John Garcia, Josh Homme, and Brant Bjork to name only a few; who would later form the legendary stoner rock band Kyuss.

"Yawning Man was the sickest desert band of all time. You’d just be up there in the desert, everybody’d just be hanging, partying. And they’d show up in their van and just, mellow, drag out their shit and set up right about the time the sun was goin’ down, set up the generators, sometimes they’d just go up there and drink beers and barbecue. Sometimes it would be a scene; sometimes it would be very intimate. It was very casual and loose and everybody would like, while they’re playing, everyone would just lounge around. They were kinda like a house band. It wasn’t militant like Black Flag. It was very drugged, very stone-y, it was very mystical. Everyone’s just tripping, and they’re just playing away, for hours. Oh, they’re the GREATEST band I’ve ever seen.- Brant Bjork (2002)"

  1. "Rock Formations" (5:21)
  2. "Perpetual Oyster" (5:22)
  3. "Stoney Lonesome" (6:02)
  4. "Split Tooth Thunder" (2:58)
  5. "Sonny Bono Memorial Freeway" (3:52)
  6. "Airport Boulevard" (5:22)
  7. "Advanced Darkness" (2:33)
  8. "She Scares Me" (4:09)
  9. "Crater Lake" (3:37)
  10. "Buffalo Chips" (4:27)
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Los Natas - El hombre de la Montaña [2006]

Well, this post is to close that cycle of Argentinian stoner bands, which include Poseidotica and Buffalo. There's no need to tell which one is better, they're just different, though Los Natas and Buffalo may have a similar sound. Within Los natas' influeces we find The doors, The Who, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd, but many people say that their sound resembles that of Kyuss. In short, this is the argument that brings Los Natas to this blog, judge for yourselves pals.


01 - El bolsero
02 - Amanecer blanco
03 - No es lo mismo
04 - Humo negro del vaticano
05 - La espada en la piedra
06 - El ciervo
07 - El camino de Dios
08 - De las cenizas, el hombre
09 - El soldado
10 - Lanza ganado
11 - Sigue, sigue

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12 de agosto de 2008

Hielo Negro - Patagonia Rock [2003]

Well, this is a five star post. Why? Because I'm posting a Chilean stoner rock band. I'm from Chile, so, yes! yuuuhaa! cool! sweet! Make my day! Back on track, Hielo Negro is a stoner rock and roll band that gets you in the mood like no other. Just loook at that picture man, that guy is like possessed or something. Hielo Negro is pure passion and lush for rock and roll. I highly suggest this band, so put it in your bag bro!


01 - Cabo negro
02 - Cemento
03 - Fumo la gloria
04 - Satanica mujer
05 - Hombre sencillo
06 - Locomotora
07 - El as
08 - Pequeña muerte
09 - Noche gris

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Buffalo - Karma [2005]

Well, this post is to kill two birds with one stone. Buffalo, as well as Poseidotica, it is an Argentinian stoner rock band that draws the attention. Whenever I feel like listening their music I also think in Hielo Negro (Chile), Los natas (argentina) and Yahaira (Chile). I was trying to make a point there, I'm not sure whether it worked out or not...check up this band pals. I think I will be uploading one or two albums those mentioned bands, later on.


01 - Tourismo
02 - Una casa
03 - Guardapantanos
04 - Vertical
05 - Infinidad
06 - Hombre ciego
07 - Karma
08 - Temporada de huracanes
09 - Mi propia guerra
10 - El fantasma sobre el río gran
11 - Ciudad perro

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Poseidotica - La Distancia [2008]

Well, this a particular post, because again I am posting something different to stoner, as I did in the past, posting Darediablo's Twenty Paces album. Poseidotica is an Argentinian instrumental psychodelic rock-progresive band. Websites' descriptions about their music say something like: "Starting with the goal of creating an environmental and heavy rock, each integral ingredient contributes its staff in order to achieve a range of climates and dark and dense atmospheres that allow a subtle mental journey, contrasting moments of total relaxation with excerpts of inevitable fury".

Retrieved from:

Having read such description I think you may understand why I'm posting this album. This is the kind of stoned hypnotic music that sucks your brain dry; your mind starts to wander and landscapes of different kinds begin to flow with the melody...music becames a mind trip. Now think about how often you listen to an argetinian band...I don't know many, but there are plenty of USA stoner bands...just get it! Poseidotica rocks!


01 - La distancia 04:50 min
02 - Sueño narcotico 06:15 min
03 - Tiempo y espacio 05:57 min
04 - Campo magnetico 04:44 min
05 - Maldita 01:57 min
06 - Equinoccio 04:20 min
07 - Anfibio 03:57 min
08 - Las magnitudes 14: 40 min

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Kyuss - Son of Kyuss [1990]

The other day listening Boris' ratlesnake (heavy rocks album, previously posted) I said to my self "now I need something more marginal, dirty, hopefully something to resemble a sound crafted like in a bassement or an attic, nasty". Then I remenbered that I had between my files this "deadly" kyuss album, which by the way is the first one they released, called Son of Kyuss. Yes, what makes this album special is its spoiled sound, crafted like in a bunker after a nuclear war or sth of the sort. Well, I have no further words to spit, Kyuss is Kyuss, there is no need for argument to convince you to get it.


01 - Deadly kiss
02 - Window of souls
03 - King
04 - Isolation desolation
05 - Love has passed me by
06 - Black widow
07 - Happy birthday
08 - Katzenjammer

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Karma to burn - Wild, wonderful purgatory [1999]

Yes! Another Karma to burn album and this time the one I consider the best of their discography and a "jewel" of instrumental stoner rock. I don't know up until what extent Karma is famous, but they got a lot of good songs out there, you may have listened some of them in videoclips, movie soundtracks or commercials. Being that the case, this album gonna blow up your head man, and if is not the case, this work of art will literally drive you "up" to "hell" and you will enjoy it. Grab this masterpiece and make yourself feel at home, xenobites comrades!


01 - Twenty
02 - Twenty eight
03 - Thirty
04 - Thirty one
05 - Twenty nine
06 - Thirty two
07 - Twenty five
08 - Twenty six
09 - One
10 - Three
11 - Seven
12 - Eight

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Hangnail - Clouds in the Heads [2002]

This band follows Unida's and Hermano's stoner style if you ask me. Considering such statement I just suggest you that in your way out, don't forget to grab this album, because it rocks. Besides, the singer sings quite similar to John garcia. Cool!

"Founded back in 1993 the British HANGNAIL underwent numerous line up shuffles prior to settling in 1997 upon frontman Harry Armstrong, guitarist Jim Ogawa, both previously members of DECOMPOSED, sole surviving founder member bass player Paul Elphick and erstwhile MOURN drummer Mark Cronin. Both Armstrong and Ogawa were members of Progressive Death Metal band COLLAPSE, having recorded a demo ‘From Another Place’ during 1995. At the same juncture Armstrong would be undertaking bass duties in HANGNAIL and MOURN".

Retrieved from: http://www.rockdetector.com/artist,3921.sm


01 - Slowhead
02 - Third time around
03 - Clouds in the Heads
04 - Martyr youthair
05 - Release
06 - Into the elder
07 - Gone
08 - There soul
09 - The watcher
10 - Riffmeister jesus

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11 de agosto de 2008

Hermano - Dare I say [2004]

Well, here we have John Garcia's last known band...hell, he looks so old and tired. I miss his Kyuss voice sometimes, but this album is not bad at all, it is sometimes quite hypnotic. Glup glup glup. Consequently, if I did not think this "Dare I say" rocks, I would not have posted it, but I did, which means...yeah, it means that. Fuck the system! =D


01 - Cowboys suck
02 - Life
03 - Roll over
04 - Brother Bjork
05 - Is this OK?
06 - Quite fucked
07 - Murder one
08 - My boy
09 - Let's get it on
10 - On the dessert
11 - Angry man

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Unida - Copying the urban coyote [1999]

Now we arrive at the "X" point in the road. What do I mean by this? I mean that personally I think Unida was like the heir of Kyuss, because Josh Homme's projects just ended up firing up in other directions, meanwhile John Garcia just tried to stick at what Kyuss was doing. Well...the "X" thing means fuck, because it is fucking frustating to believe that a lack of resources may fuck a good band. Unida released only this album with the support of a Record, and their second LP was released independently. I firmly believe this a good band, and if the project did not work out I blame the record company and their marketing nerds, rather than to doubt of the band musical compositions. This album just rocks. Besides, there is no other cooler voice than Garcia's voice. Yeh, that bastard has something special, just get this shit stoned fellowships!


01 - Thorn
02 - Black woman
03 - Plastic
04 - Human tornado
05 - If only two
06 - Nervous
07 - Dwarft it
08 - You wish

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Orange Goblin - The Big Black [2000]

Nowadays Orange goblin is considered a, heavy metal band with an agressive punk influenced sound? Yes, that's sounds like what the hell?, but I really don't care about it, because their first three albums were stoner metal. As a matter of fact, this particular album is their last stoner one, before they changed to something different. TO be honest, I haven't even heard what they sound like these days, it just gives me the creeps, because they were doing good stuff and gaining some status...well, regardless the band's desicions, "The big black" remains as it is, and that's cool. Just get it!


01 - Scorpionica
02 - Quincy the pigboy
03 - Hot magic, red planet
04 - Cozmo bozo
05 - 298 kg
06 - Turbo efalunt (elephant)
07 - King of the hornets
08 - You'll never get to the moon in that...
09 - Alcofuel
10 - The big black

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Boris - Heavy Rocks [2002]

Well, this is certainly a special post, cuz' I'm posting a japanese stoner band... well some people like say they're not actually stoner, but I still insist on posting it, cuz' I fucking love the songs in this album. Boris play's rough and dirty. As a matter of fact, this album has certainly a level of guitar saturation hard to find in any other band. Just grab it, you won't regret it once you get into their oriental stoner sound!

"Boris have explored psychedelic rock, noise, ambient, sludge rock, post-rock, stoner-rock and hardcore punk, along with more conventional, mainstream rock styles.Named after a song on the The Melvins' Bullhead, Boris formed in 1992 and released their first album Absolutego on their own Fangs Anal Satan label. Since then, they have released 17 studio albums".

Retrieved from: http://comingupbirmingham.blogspot.com/2008_04_01_archive.html


01 - Heavy friends.
02 - Korusu
03 - Dyna-soar
04 - Wareruride
05 - Soft edge
06 - Ratlesnake
07 - Death valley
08 - Koei
09 - Kane (The bell tower of a sign)
10 - 1970

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10 de agosto de 2008

Balero - Demo [2004]

Here is another Balero's album, an instrumental groove stoner rock four songs Demo that will tear your soul apart. I mean it, this is way one of the most violent intrumental stoner bands my ears have had the pleasure to bleed for. Being Balero's debut album, I like to think of it like an introductory stage, for the chaos unleashed in their following album, of course posted previously. I highly suggested album.


01 - Drop the bomb
02 - The voyage
03 - El mere
04 - Well Look Who It Is

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Kyuss - Wellcome to the Sky Valley [1996]

Well no stoner music blog could lack this master piece, Kyuss will always remain in an altar and dethroned they never will be. From my point of view and considering my choices and likes within the style, I may say that this album resembles what I think the purest essence of stoner rock, this regards everything from the drum compases up until those dreary riffs and John Garcia's unique voice. Demon cleaner and gardenia are songs just remarkable. Kyuss is the first, the stoner paraphernalia begins and dies in this work of art. So get your hands in this album right now!


01 - Gardenia
02 - Asteroids
03 - Supa scoopa and mighty scoop
04 - 100º
05 - Space cadet
06 - Demon cleaner
07 - Oddissey
08 - Conan troutman
09 - N.O.
10 - Whitewater

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9 de agosto de 2008

Eagles of death metal - peace love death metal [2004]

Talking about this “stoner rock” band..., it means talking about Jeese “the devil” Hudges, rather than Josh “queens of the stone age” Homme. Stoner rock band? In a 2003 interview Homme described the sound of the band as a combination of "bluegrass slide guitar mixed with stripper drum beats and Canned Heat vocals." I just say is the coolest rock and roll stoner based thing I ever heard. I like more their second album, but you need to get in this first, to enjoy the second, which I will post later.


01 - I only want you
02 - Speaking in tongues
03 - So easy
04 - Flames go higher
05 - bad dream mama
06 - english girl
07 - stacks o' money
08 - midnight creeper
09 - stuck in the metal
10 - already died
11 - kiss the devil
12 - whorehoppin (shit, goddamn)
13 - san berdoo sunburn
14 - wastin' my time
15 - miss alissa

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The Sword - Age of Winters [2006]

The sword is one of those band that are making quite a noise these days. Since their debut album it seems that they just have not have time to rest, but only to make good stuff. When speaking about their influences people fingers to Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, just imagine such blend. I got nothing else to tell bu to listen their stuff, because these austin, texan pals know what they're doing.


01 - Celestial Crown
02 - Barael's Blade
03 - Freya
04 - Winters wolves
05 - The Horned Godess
06 - Iron Swan
07 - Lament for the Auroch
08 - March of the Lord
09 - Ebethron

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Treaure Cat - Choice Cut [2007]

Hey! another great instrumental stoner rock band? Yes! This time we got
William Mecum's project, ex-leading man of Karma to burn. This time his debut album as treasure cat brings to us an album overcharge of power and heavy, but also with delightful and peacefull transitions. I very much suggest this album if you liked my previous post, specially Karma to burn.


01 - Battle of britain
02 - Captain Smirk
03 - Cerebral Ballsey
04 - Destructo Legatta
05 - Dresden
06 - Hurt myself being stupid
07 - King shit of fuck avenue (203 mclane ave)
08 - On a clear day
09 - Poltergator
10 - Pyroglyphics
11 - Queen of spades
12 - Schock and awe
13 - Snake plissken (I thought you were dead)
14 - The admirals
15 - Valhall

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8 de agosto de 2008

Karma to burn - Almost Heathen [2002]

Karma to burn is a West Virginia band from the end of the 90's. They play instrumental stoner rock and many people regard their sound to that of Kyuss and the Obessessed. We got just three people in this band and yet they sound in such a way that is hard to explain, so I highly suggest their stuff if you enjoy instrumental stoner, because somehow, Karma to burn are pionners of this branch of stoner rock. The band break appart after this album, so is kinda nostalgic posting this stuff, for sure I will upload their previous works later on.



2.Thirty Eight05:50
3.Thirty Four04:12
4.Thirty Seven05:19
5.Thirty Nine05:34
6.Thirty Six04:28
7.Thirty Three04:50
8.Thirty Five05:14
Total playing time48:00

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