15 de agosto de 2010

Malsoñando - Canciones de Demos Vol. 1 [1990-1992]

Hello there! Hope you to be fine, all of you, I mean, working and earning some bucks or lovin' and lovin' or playing out loud! Je!

I brought you something nice today. Nevertheless, if you had already listened to this awesome band, Man, I gotta say that you are years ahead of me, in what refers to music culture. A friend of mine introduced me this band just a couple of months ago and god damn..., Malsoñando comes from the early 90's. These guys are from Gilbratar, uuh! and I got to say they were doing pretty god damn tarnation well and superb, so... what were the reasons they split up later? Nobody knows and that's a fact of life.

Now if you wanna hear further projects from these guys write down some of following names: Criando Malvas, Brutal Thin', Baos, Viajo a 800, El Cíclope Vende, Buho Rojo, Hallucigenia, Patán y los Cuervos, Makelembembe, Em.Ko.Ma, Le Pajaro Trio, Hombrezero and Dr. Nick. I also advice you to look further on Malsoñado as well, because as I am bit lazy, I just uploaded some of the songs I have, let's say I selected those ones I like the most. There's plenty of Malsoñando out there in the net pals, take care you all & thanks for your support.


01.- Todos Duermen
02.- Escombros
03.- Subsuelo
04.- Cortes
05.- Mientras Moría
06.- Camaleon

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