19 de agosto de 2009

Bad Brains - Black Dots [1979]

Zée what's up there dudes, yeah fuck myself and fuck my work and fuck me, because I love talkin' bout myself =), what? you don't like it? Then do not fuckin' read this shit even though I fuckin' tried to make it fuckin' funny and fuckin' amusing, from my fuckin' point of view of course.
Ahh, now this post is weird because I kinda had this blog kinda forgotten, if not the whole shit fogotten (...) Shit is that I entered my blog and saw a comment saying something that kinda touched my heart...someone ws actually saying "thanks" to me for posting stuff here and that was nice...we all need and appreciate love sometimes, don't we? In fact these days are kinda tough because of that, not many people say thanks these days, they like kinda forgot that word, I include myself there also...yeah, it sucks, but life's like that.
Now, the other day I was smoking some shit with a friend of mine and he suddenly said: hey, have you ever heard Bad brains? Well, he said this in Spanish...because...(). Well, I replied: No, I haven't. So he fuckin it showed me a Live Concert that was crazy fuckin' as hell fuckin'. The following day I step into "Soulseek" and downloaded like 5 albums and that's it. Bad brains is chaos in a simple and god damn scary way...yeah well, the vocal guy in the band went insane after some years, he was under severe treatment and shit but....yeah this band rocks, I'm kind speechless, but I would like to say that Bad Brains is dangerous, I personally feel like to get out and mosh, and hit people, but in a possitive way...if there's something possitive in beating people for pleasure. Ok, ok, that's enough, the band is said to play "Hardcore Punk", gee what is that to do with Stoner? Nothing I guess...but don't let that "Harcore Punk" title scare you away, just give the band some time and you will see, you fuckin have to trust me....I'm telling you, Bad Brains will make your life better...ajajajaj, well just enjoy it and use your Internet wisely, keep coming back and getting stuff here.
01 .- Don't Need it
02 .- At the Atlantis
03 .- Pay to Cum
04 .- Supertouch Shitfit
05 .- Regulator
06 .- You're a Migraine
07 .- Don't Bother Me
08 .- Banned in D. C.
09 .- Why'd You Have To Go
10 .- The Man Won't Annoy Ya
11 .- Redbone In The City
12 .- Black Dots
13 .- How Low Can A Punk Get
14 .- Just Another Damn Song
15 .- Attitude
16 .- Send You No Flowers

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22 de junio de 2009

Torche - Healer / Across the Shields 12''

If you ever want to hear something bad about Torche, let me tell you something, this is wrong place. So get the hell out of here. Something you will never see here is READ ME talking bad about such great divine breathtaking band. Torche just did what they had to, they did great....ok ok, Juan Montoya left...gee what a fuckin' loss but i'm positive and I believe good things are about to come. Let's just not fall into the subject of contrasting one album to another...since nowadays we can refer to Torche as entering into a new stage. Yes, I expect changes.
I have not heard this album before and I up-loaded it for the same reason =P, just check it out and enjoy. Take you all.


1.- Healer
2.- Across the Shields
3.- Mash it up
4.- Sugar Glider

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18 de junio de 2009

Year Long Disaster - EP

Hey there!! what's up? I really don't know. Only god damn shit I remenber is that last year I had loads and plenty lots of free time to look for new music and upload stuff for you. Nonetheless, the 2009's rythmn is quite different and it had ended up being fucking overwhelming. I sincerely say that I don't have fucking free time and If I fucking do, I rather like to burn that time...burn to ashes what is left in my brain.
Ok!! enough drama, I just uploaded something I've been listening lately, a band that I have come to like lately... this is like the perfect first peak for you, in case you haven't heard the band before. I highly suggest this piece, it always brings me back sounds and images of Led Zeppelin and Hendrix, I don't know you but those two things I just mentioned are two good reasons to check this stuff up. Now, maybe, maybe I shall up load something else later, who knows...holiday is near...take care you all and enjoy!

1.- Year Long Disaster - The Mad Shrew
2.- Year Long Disaster - Victory at Sea
3.- Year Long Disaster - Trading Favors
4.- Year Long Disaster - You Don't Want to Let Me Down
5.- Year Long Disaster - Shapeless Nasty

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PD: Bear in mind that the bassist man on Year Long Disaster is Rich "oh my god" Mullins, ex-founding member on Karma to Burn.

29 de enero de 2009

Torche - Meanderthal (2008)

We know something, though Meanderthal is Torche's best album so far, we got to acknowledge that currently, the band is missing one member. So, the right question is "HOW" will they continue to produce such a massive sludge sound? and if they would do, how the hell they gonna make it? I'm scared, but we shall have an aswer this year, unless the band does not release a new album, which I seriously doubt.
I got to say that in the beginning, I was amazed with The Sword. I mean, a couple of years back I was listening two new bands, when I used to care only about oldies like Kyuss, Cathedral, etc. I always had Torche like the second option, but this has changed, turning The Sword to occupy that place now. The thing is that maybe Torche has turned to be a much more solid band, that has evolved in every album, showing something new but still possessed by a roaring bestial sound. In this sense, this might be The Sword's flaw, because in the end their two albums are quite similar...or maybe I just overlistened the band. Anyway, let's ignore that alst comment, otherwise, everything I had said so far would mean a shit "JAJA".
Finally, the point and the trigger of this chit-chat is that Steve Brooks left something very clear when referring about Juan Montoya's loss: "Torche will still carry on a 3 piece band", which means he ain't filling in that hole, maybe he does not even consider that Montoya's left a hole when departing, and that's what we are about to find out. In this sense, Brook's idea of the next album might be sparking a whole shift in the band's sound, rather than to stick to the one in the previous albums, regarding that Montoya is absent and that's undeniable and I'm sure will have consequences.
Well, enjoy this piece pals and OH! I leave you a link to an interview, in which Brooks refers to Menaderthal.

"I know you are an old-school metal kid, what would the 14 year old Steve Brooks think of Torche?
I would’ve probably liked some of the brutal heavy stuff, but hated the singer."

LINK: http://www.smnnews.com/2008/03/27/torche-steve-brooks-vocalsguitars/

Now, here is a second interview, I just tell you it is fuckin' hilarious and funny, a chit-chat between Juan Montoya and a guy called Steven Tanner from a band named "Harvey Milk", which of course I will look into, because Montoya loves the band and Torche does so...just check it up.



01 - Triumph of Venus
02 - Grenades
03 - Pirana
04 - Healer
05 - Sandstorm
06 - Speed of the Nail
07 - Across the Shields
08 - Sundown
09 - Little Champion
10 - Without a Sound
11 - Fat Waves
12 - Amnesian
13 - Meanderthal

14 de enero de 2009

Scott Reeder - Tunnelvision Brilliance [2006]

Well, I guess all people knows who the hell Reeder is, but still I was amazed when I found this album of his. This is supposed to be his most personal project after years of playing here and there. First time I listened this album was on last.fm, the song "Renee", which stills humbs in my ears or something. The thing is that I just never see this coming, I never expected Reeder to do something this different, but again, I 'd say this a great work, with songs really peel out like shiny cups of something really expensive.. I commented this to a friend of mine and it is that the Reeder's voice in this album reminded me a lot to Maynard's voice on 10000 Days, specially in the song "Diamond". Also, it reminded me Opeth, specifically the album Damnation, which is about really really slowed-down and emotive songs, with beats of smoth, cool or something. Well, I just managed to find the album and now you have the chance to give it a try, in case you haven't done yet.

PS: I read somewhere that the album took nearly 18 years to complete and that Reeder performed, recorded and produced the album entirely on his own. So, I'd say this is a jewel people, get it!!


  1. "When I Was" - 1:17
  2. "Thanks" – 2:56
  3. "The Silver Tree" – 3:06
  4. "Away" – 1:29
  5. "Diamond" – 4:42
  6. "When?" – 2:24
  7. "For Renee" – 3:25
  8. "The Day of Neverending" – 4:12
  9. "Queen of Greed" – 2:40
  10. "Fuck You All" – 4:11
  11. "To an End" – 3:17
  12. "The Fourth" – 3:34
  13. "As I'm Dreamin'" – 4:28
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11 de enero de 2009

Torche - Torche [2005]

Uh! my fellows, this is an exciting post, bringing up to the net surface one of those beautifull Torche's album. Gosh, Torche is one of those new bands that puts my blood to boil and certainly stones my head with trippy powerfull riffs (...) Furthermore, the good shit is that, when we compare Torche with other sludge metal fellow bands like High on Fire, Weedeater, Electric Wizard, etc; they all got their weak and strong sides, but none of them reaches what Torche often does in a three and even two minutes song. I think there is the sludge essence somehow. There we got our Holy Roar, our Mentor, Fire, Rule the Beast, Hellion, etc.
Reading about the band I came up with the news that Juan Montoya, left the band due to musical differences. Juan Montoya is the responsible of the ass kicking space rocket melodies in this album, for instance, in song "fuck addict".
The good thing is that, according to Steve Brooks the band will continue. I wonder what kind of consequences this change will have in the band's sound... Well, hope you to enjoy this one, I will upload Torche's other works later probaly.


1.- Charge of the Brown Recluse
2.- Safe
3.- Mentor
4.- Erase
5.- Fuck Addict
6.- Vampyro
7.- Rockit
8.- Fire
9.- Holy Roar
10.- The Last Word

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5 de enero de 2009

Motorhead - Ace of Spades [1980]

Sometimes one just misses some bands. I think it migh be the choices you take during your adolescense. For instance, I just never listened Faith no More or Ac/Dc or Metallica or Janne's Addiction...etc. Nowadays, I just love Faith no More and Mike Patton work as an individual. I can say the same about Janne/s Addiction, but what concerns to Ac/Dc and Metallica, I just don't know. I don't listen to them currently and I just never did, maybe sometime in the future. Who knows.
Well, all this nostalgic crap of mine is due to the fact that the other day I download Motorhead's Ace of Spades and fuck, the album is just a kick in the ass. I cannot believe that I missed such a good band, so much time. At this point, I only regard the first two albums, the rest of them I don't know.
Also it happened that Lemmy Kilmister is just from another world and he was in also Hawkwind, one of the bands that we often regard to Stoner rock. It also happened that High on Fire, band whose work I highly recommend, draw influences from Motor Head. I guess I'm just spreading shit, I mean, which band does not draw influences from Motorhead?
Ok, you may know a hell more about Motorhead than me, I just leave you the link. Long live Motorhead. Rock and Roll.

  1. "Ace of Spades" – 2:49
  2. "Love Me Like a Reptile" – 3:23
  3. "Shoot You in the Back" – 2:39
  4. "Live to Win" – 3:37
  5. "Fast and Loose" – 3:23
  6. "(We Are) The Road Crew" – 3:12
  7. "Fire Fire" – 2:44
  8. "Jailbait" – 3:33
  9. "Dance" – 2:38
  10. "Bite the Bullet" – 1:38
  11. "The Chase Is Better Than the Catch" – 4:18
  12. "The Hammer" – 2:48
  13. "Dirty Love" - 2:57
  14. "Please Don't Touch" - 2:49
  15. "Emergency" - 3:00
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Mother Trucker - Electric Blacksmith EP [2006]

Long time no see I guess. I don't know if it is enough of instrumental stuff, but hell, I never have enough, I 'm never satisfied so here I bring you a new band I found out. They are somehow more of a slow motion intrumental stuff and according to experts they go like in the line of Red Sparowes and Pelican, that means, bathed in doom. I just have tried to listen both of those bands, but I just don't like them. Nevertheless, Mother Trucker is the exception to the rule.
The band was formed in October 2003 and is the creation of Charlie Butler (Guitar), Tom Moffat (Bass), James Davison (Drums) and Chris Scrivens (Guitar) from Birmingham in the UK.
"Mothertrucker blend together the harshness of metal, the ambience, texture and lulling nature of post-rock, the groove and rolling rhythms of stoner rock and the gruesome dark feelings of doom with the aim of fusing all this into one as a truly cohesive sound". (http://www.purevolume.com/mothertrucker)

Well, I hope you like, just give it a try and you may find something really addictive. See y'all.

1.Horn of Edwards06:56
2.The Russian01:42
3.The Taking of Planet 5508:31
4.Dark Destroyer05:44
5.Kings of Kabaddi10:21
Total playing time33:14

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