20 de noviembre de 2008

Cromagnon's Rehearsals 2008

All right this a particular, mmm, a very special post. There this band called "Cromagnon", that rehearsal at my house every wednesday and some fridays. It's cool to have your friend's band playing at your house. It's cool when you live in a big house, just you and your younger brother and can fuckin unleash the very hell with no complaints...that's great. So this picture is from yesterday. You got in there "flako" the guitar solo man, and its brand new guitar...he actually tested it yesterday for the very first time and... the other guitar is Cocho's riff man gibson. Well, I would not dare to say they sound like this and like that...I just leave some youtube links for you to watch and judge for yourselves.
Originally some songs include lyrics and singing, but since the band has no singer yet nor a fuckin microphone, they are just playing instrumental. Listen every of the seven songs, they all got something special. I hope you like them, cheers and good bye.
PD: please don't mind the quality of the video, because it is shoted with a digital camera, please don't mind the darkness and please, please don't mind the camera man, because he was fuckin' stoned when shoting some videos, you will realize which videos I am talking about ajajajaj. Please leave some comments if you wish, I would appreciate that.
1. Cromagnon - Voragine
2. Cromagnon - Una noche (first rehearsal)
3. Cromagnon - Una noche (second rehearsal)
4. Cromagnon - Twice
5. Cromagnon - Song 7 (first draft, still to work out)
6 . Cromagnon - Cromagnon
7. Cromagnon - Inconciente

17 de noviembre de 2008

RotoR - 3 [2007]

Hey there pals! I'm back again and with new stuff again. This is another band I found along with Nitroseed. This time, stoner comes from Berlin, Germany. Don't know much of german stoner, but this band certainly surprised me a lot. RotoR have certainly a very wide and rich sound, like to say this is only stoner or psychodelic rock. So, I'm just will tell you some bands that came to my mind while listening the album. Oh! By the way, this a great instrumental band. That is why I made the assosiation with Nitroseed.
First, I thought inmediately about Karma to burn, then an Argentinian band called Poseidotika also appeared, along with Opeth. Weird. So let's say the band has some tough stoner rock, along with some metal, progresive stuff and the right dosis of psych. I may tell you don't even try to imagine what this band sound like...just get it and enjoy. =P
PD: Squirrel gripp records define the album as "An irresitable koloss of groove, heavy riffs and delicate jazzy playing - as it hasn`t been heard so far!"


1. Auf' Maul
2. V-ger
3. Rotor
4. Hart im Wind
5. Umkehrschub
6. Drehsturm
7. Klar Schiff
8. Nordend
9. Kaltstart
10 . Transporter

15 de noviembre de 2008

Brain Police - Brain Police [2003]

Well, I won't say stupid things this time. I won't talk about cigarretes or PS2 or whatever. (..) Today's noon is very sunny... I don't what the fuck I'm going to do the rest of the day...cuz' is just 13:42...I got some stuff there...they kick asses, but studying seems like an alternative, I have to study or...I'll be sleeping with the fishes, see?
Todays band comes from Iceland, the band name comes from Frank Zappa's song Who are the brain police? Nice tip?
I like this band because their sound brings me back memories from a Black Metal band called Ildjarn, from Nordway. I guess Stoner and Black Metal are nothing to do, but the guitar sound, I'm not talking about melodies, but pure sound, shape of sound. Ildjarn had this guitar sound, extremely saturated, very fat-swollen sound and like burned up, bursted, blew out; a really dirty garage or bassement sound. Astroqueen, Into Submission (2001) has exactly a similar sound in guitar, should check up that one if you haven't yet.
Brain Police got a nice singer, just as unmelodic as posible and sometimes drums and rythms remind me Brant Bjork, and some songs to also reminds me Cathedral's 1993 stoner masterpiece "The Ethereal Mirror".
Brain Police has quite a status in their land, and it seems that in the outlands, they're doing pretty well too. I really think this is a MUST check band, they certainly have come to give their sound an interesting and unique shape. This album has no weak songs, all of them rock, so feel free to rock the hell out of you when listening this band.


1. One blow
2. Return to the Lovechopper of D
3. Rocket fuel
4. Free Lovin' Temptress
5. Love mutha
6. Dust Revolver
7. Johnny babas
8. El duderino
9. Iron fist
10. The Journey is the Destination
11. Womble dust
12. Taste the flower
13. Jacuzzi suzy

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12 de noviembre de 2008

Nitroseed - Molt

Hey, cheer up! I'm posting very often now. In fact, I'm surprise of myself. Moreover, I brought a new band to you. Well is not actually a new band, but I discorvered it just a couple of days ago. Talking about this band, necesarily means to talk about Karma to burn, because Karma is a pionner in instrumental rock and somehow stoner. In this sense, it means to touch on many other instrumental bands outhere like Balero, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, 5ive, Treasure cat, and A Tijuana Trip, just to mention a few I enjoy a lot. Nitroseed comes from Laurel, Maryland, USA. They are regarded as Instrumental Stoner Doom. I guess such description fits their sound. They are a doom stoner band, but they got something else, they got that spark of heavy and groove that keeps you on fire and that's the reason I'm posting their stuff. I often fall sleep with stoner doom, but this an exception. They got those sweet and painfull slow repetitive compases and rythms encripted in heavy metal chords and rolled around in riffs saturated with stoner everywhere, then encripted again in a Balero's mood and rolled around in Karma to Burn's sudden chord explosions.
It's a nice band, no weak songs as Stoner Rock review says. The band play solid, furious and neverending as a flame. Take this piece without shadow of doubt. 10o% suggested.


1. Barbarian test tube
2. Creeper
3. Class War
4. Ship from up North
5. Megalodon
6. Power of the Sun
7. Combined Forces
8. Molt
9. Saturday night palsy
10 . Gut butt

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7 de noviembre de 2008

Condor - Volando alto y fuerte

I guess the idea is catching up. I wonder if you have played a PS2 game called "DEF JAM", some pals are playing that game while I'm posting this...it's a grat game, I mean it... I'm not playing because I'm just to good...so I make fights short enough like to make them boring...that ain't fair. Now, this a Chilean band. Condor was born in 2003. Their crew say they draw influences from actionrock, punkrock and stoner. To name a band, I'd say Motorhead and according to to friend of mine, they sound like Tabernarios and Hielo Negro, both Chilean rock n' roll stoner bands. Listen this band and you gonna feel like to kick some asses, drink, get high and chat up some babes. Rock n' roll is here, please do you ears a favor and grab this shit people. Take care and happy leech.

PD: I got this album from southernkataklysm.blogspot.com, so let's give him some credit, thanks man.


1. Hijo mío
2. 90 instantes
3. Por unos pesos
4. Copa de mas
5. El padrino
6. No cambiare
7. Cruda de bar
8. Paga el precio
9. El otro blues
10. Hacia el infierno
11. Blusi
12. Fumanchu
13. Volando alto

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4 de noviembre de 2008

Yawning man - Pothead

It's true that I have like vanished from the surfice of the earth. It's true that the first month I posted 30 albums. The second month just 8 and on October only 4. But, I 've been busy...just thinking that I have like 5 months left of youth and freedom, after that, I should start working. FUCK!! I just enjoy my parents giving me some money and pay for everything... I wonder if it is that cool to live on your own, under your own rules and everything. One thing is clear, thinking to much about it fucks your mind. So I decided to stop and post something...light a cigarrete meanwhile...eat some cookies...some sweeet little rounded tight cookies...I guess that of "tight" cookies does not make much sense...I wonder where the fuck is my lighter...now I found it and does not work...perfect! I think posts ago I said something about how bad Chilean cigarretes were...so, I won't throw more shit to my country, it already has enough.
Yawning man is the band you are looking for in case you wanted to loose your wit. I mean it. It like drag you down to far distant dimensions. That's cool. That's dangerous too. Also, I haven't like posted many things because I'm running out of stuff...the bands I like haven't release nothing new...so I guess we'll just have to wait. At first, I thought about uploading the Unquestionable precense album of experimental death metal band Atheist. Those guys are mad...the drummer or percusionist has like 20 arms, but I gave up the idea, because I guess was out of context. What the hell, enjoy this one chumps.


1. Manolete
2. Digital smoke signal
3. Encounters with an angry god
4. Samba de primavera

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