28 de septiembre de 2008

High on Fire - Death is this Communion [2007]

I have this friend of mine who has this "fixation". Whenever we speak about something that it is bizarre, for instance, about a man being decapitated while having sex with a horse (it's just an example ¿OK?, we actually don't speak about things like this, not that I remenber ) then he tends to say: wow! gore gore. The thing is that he doesn't say the words with the right pronunciation, but he says literally "gore gore" as we do in spanish, adding emphasize on the letter "e", on purpose.
Now, you may think what's the big deal about this? I mean, What is it to do with the band I'm about to post? The thing is that this band I'm posting right now, it is a band you may regard as "gore gore". To ilustrate, imagine the next scene between felipe(the man with the fixation) and Sixto (the one with stoner blog):

Felipe: Hey Sixto how are you man?
Sixto: I'm fine.
Felipe: What are you listening to?
Sixto: Oh! I'm listening High on Fire, Death is this communion.
Felipe: Wow! I listened that album the other day, gore gore.
Sixto: Yeah! It is in fact, gore gore.


01. Fury Whip 06:14
02. Waste of Tiamat 05:44
03. Death is this Communion 08:35
04. Khanrad's Wall 02:27
05. Turk 05:03
06. Headhunter 01:24
07. Rumors of War 02:51
08. DII 03:45
09. Cyclopian Scape 07:29
10. Ethereal 06:57
11. Return to NOD 06:17

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23 de septiembre de 2008

Dinamite! No 9 [2008]

Well, mmm Hi there. I'm like posting something new I've been listening lately. Well, in fact this is a collection of the magazine you may see on the label. So it gathers bands whose influences go from psychobilly to rockabilly, rock and roll and somequirky touches of surf music. Such variety of styles certainly makes this collection quite interesting and I personally got stunned with some songs such as "brass knuckle boogie", "the big kahuna", "teasing woman", "firestarter" and many others that literally are hell entertaining and ass kicking. But, how did I come to listen this stuff? Well, it all started a couple of months ago with Eagles of Death Metal and after that, another band that knocked me down was Whiskey Daredevils. In short, this collection is a ravishing mix-up of styles that worths to check up. Nevertheless, the best reason to go into this stuff is the fact that I'm uploading such files, yes, cuz' I guess people come here not only to get what they are looking for, but to try new stuff, apart from classics. Well pals, take care.

Pd: I found rather difficult to get stuff from each band in the collection. One of the few band I found something was Gutter Demons. I got of their albums, so if anyone wants them, just ask for them.


01. Skinny Jim & The Number 9 Blacktops - Firecracker Cadillac
02. Free Soul - Teasing Woman
03. Brass Knuckle Boogie -The Brass Knuckle Boogie
04. Hillbilly Rawhide - High on the Road
05. Smokestack Lightnin - Big Kahuna
06. P.Paul Fenech - Damn Happy
07. Gutter Demons - Firestarter
08. Los Asskickers Enmascarados - Terremoto Marino
09. The Hot Rod Racers - Heart Rock Blues
10. Neva River Rockets - Hot Rod Volga
11. Snake Bite - It Makes me Wild
12. Rocket in a Pocket - Satellite
13. Barneys Boogie Train - Wake up in the Morning with the Devil in my Head
14. Royal Rabbit -Switchblade Run

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18 de septiembre de 2008

Datura - Allisone [1998]

Datura is NZ band of power space sludge rock or stoner rock band. Datura has loads of 70s music influences in their riffs, so if you are into Black Sabbath, you gonna enjoy this band, cuz' it is much more powerfull and got a nice singer, whose voice resembles that of John García. Also, people like refers to this band when talking about the very best of Monster Magnet and Fu-Manchu, whenever it comes to a band with a "fat sound".
It is amazing how slang takes over when depicting the sound of a band, I wonder if everyone gets that, the generous ambiguity and free interpretation of things. Well pals, enjoy this one!
PD: the picture has nothign to do with the band =P

01 - Lost in time
02 - Astral man
03 - Journey through space
04 - Man in the space
05 - Phazer
06 - Shine
07 - Mountain

9 de septiembre de 2008

Brant Bjork - Keep your cool [jammin times]

Well, classics like this one never get old. Classics like this must inevitable be posted in each Stoner Music blog around the fuckin' world. This is the album you listen while smoking shits and talking with your pals, cuz it leads on that wave of "hey monkey boy, why are you unemployed...cuz' I'm fuckin jammin, yeah! I'm jammin (...) Johnny called me up on the telephone, just to tell me I'm not alone, let's go grab some stuff and party all night. Got no more lies to tell, I'm like falling asleep here and is not that nice to sleep over the keyboard and wake up the next day, go running to the university to find that everyone is lookin' at you...Man! What the fuck happened to you? I fell asleep, I guess... No No, I mean your face, it's like you had slept over the keyboard or sth...just get the album will you? I mean, please do it. Do yourselves a favor.


01 - Hey, monkey boy
02 - Johnny called me
03 - Rock-N-Roll'e
04 - I miss my chick
05 - Keep your cool
06 - Gonna make the scene
07 - Searchin'
08 - My soul

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Astroqueen - Into Submission [2001]

The other day I was reading my posts, cuz' I find them quite funny, so I read them when I'm feeling sad and I need like to see something stupid to cheer me up, I mean, I'm not saying I'm stupid, but that I'm smart enough like to make my posts that funny...or do you think they are not funny? Cuz' if they're not, you just tell me and I will stop writing in such lame manners.
In fact, I will not, I will do whatever I want cuz' this is my blog, yeah! so...().
Enough esquizofrenia stuff, today's post is about a Swedish band, that I came to listen a bit late, I mean, how the hell I did not find this band earlier? Anyway, considering I havel ike listened the album just a couple a times, I don't have yetmuch info over the band and there's not much in the net also. Astroqueen has released two LPs so far and some EPs, they do good stuff, you gonna enjoy how saturated the guitar sounds and voice is cool also, so here we have a good band that helps to spread the stoner music around the world, this is the kind of stuff that people should listen. See you all! Virtually, of course.


1 - Landslide
2 - Out Of This World
3 - Superhuman God
4 - Brain Phase Voyage
5 - Rufus Jr.
6 - Planet Dust
7 - The Sonic Ride
8 - Soul Burner
9 - I Go To Sleep
10 - Serve The Sun
11 - Lua Vermelha

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7 de septiembre de 2008

Whiskey Daredevils - Greatest Hits []

I wish I had a cigarrete while writing this post, but ain't got a shit, I feel lame being soo poor, I never been so poor in the last couple of weeks, damn man! Well, I'm uploading something fresh, something I found just the other day while clearing up my room. To be precise, I found the CD among those "X" Cds you were meant to heard long ago, but only God knows why you did not. This band is like Eagles of Death Metal. I must admit that my scope in what refers to rock and roll bands, rocka'billy and whatever...it is a bit limited. So people, this is just rock and roll, the one that lights your fire up to the ceiling, the one we like and feel. Sometimes it has a sound which resembles that of the country style, but believe me it fits the mood, rather than screwing up things. I won't say if Whiskey Daredevils are better than Eagles of Death Metal, I guess that's pointless, but man this album just rocks. For sure I will also post their last album"Old Favorites"[2007], which rocks too. Probably, I'll add some info about the band in that post. Take care all!


01 - AMC Hornet
02 - Jesus Walks Besides Me
03 - Let's Lynch the Landlord
04 - Mickey's Bigmouth
05 - Cool Cool Water
06 - Don't Go
07 - Ida Jane
08 - Waylon Jennings Shower
09 - Ironic Trucker Hat
10 - Waiting For You
11 - Jack Evans Wants His Lighter Back
12 - Greasy Box

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5 de septiembre de 2008

Yajaira - Lento y Real []

I guess everyone of us has at least one friend, one of those you can talk about music, bands and whatever related to this topic...I have this friend of mine, He kinda like bands from our place "CHILE", to name some we got Hielo Negro, Devil Presley, Tabernarios? and Yahaira. Last couple of days he turned a bit insistent in posting Yahaira's "Lento y Real" album and as I knew I will not wriggle out of it, I ended up listening the album to find a good band. This is more like psychodelich stuff, though it is stoner as well I would say yahaira's is more "psycho", because their sound has this sweet and nasty "trippy" effect on you. Well, just take your ears to it and enjoy it!


1. Cae
2. ¿A dónde vas tan rápido?
3. Nada
4. La serpiente antigua
5. Sin dios ni razón
6. Vidrio molido
7. El ritual
8. Sangra el cielo

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2 de septiembre de 2008

Blue Cheer - Vincebus eruptum [1968]

Well, I will keep uploading some albums to do with that top 20 list of the best stoner album ever, and this band is interesting though it has that sound tipical of the 70s. It is a very short album and I leave you Decibel's opinion of the work performed by Blue Cheer in this disc. Take care people!

8 Blue Cheer, Vincebus Eruptum | Philips (1968)
"Ah, the fabled psychedelic sounds of San Francisco. So soothing and filled with visions of hope and universal brotherhood. Ha! Get over it, Phishhead. The sound of San Fran circa 1968 was perfectly encapsulated by Blue Cheer’s feral power-trio attack of fuzz, feedback and the unrelenting wail of a sky high Marshall stack. By 1968, Frisco had devolved into McMansonland—speed-addled, brain-dead runaways living under bridges and eating neighborhood pets. Vincebus is the triumphant sound of frustration at being handed a lie and told to suck on it. Plus, Blue Cheer’s sound is just so impossibly cool. For 40 years, people have been trying to replicate their bastard approximation of Hendrix and Cream and often come up short. God bless their tortured, beautiful souls. —Scott Seward"

Retrieved from: http://www.decibelmagazine.com/features_detail.aspx?id=8936


01 - Summertime blues
02 - Rock me baby
03 - Doctor please
04 - Out of focus
05 - Parchment farm
06 - Second time around

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