12 de octubre de 2008

Yajaira - Yahaira [1998]

Hey! There's only one thing to say at this point, Yajaira is the best stoner band of South America. I know that "Los Natas" got like a respectable status, but since I have not heard such band in depth, I'd say Yajaira is the best shit to roll over the floor and go out to kick some asses. Are lookin' for some fuckin' rock and roll? So just get this jewel people, Chilean stoner at its best!


1.- Horizonte
2.- Alcohol
3.- Escucha el viento
4.- Bajo presión
5.- Corre, respira, descansa
6.- Camonbeibe
7.- Hacia el Sol
8.- Dame tu alma
9.- Más
10.- Gorgar
11.- H.E.E.B.
12.- Sweet weed (Live)
13.- Caminar (Live)
14.- Camonbeibe (live)

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10 de octubre de 2008

Stoner States Essentials

Well, this is mm… a “weird post”, just to show how big my ego gets sometimes. I’m gonna like add a list of those bands I consider “essential”, in case you like stoner music. Now, something special is that this list will not only include those bands regarded as stoner rock or stoner metal, but also those bands that somehow makes you feel like dizzy and are capable to drag your mind into their inner worlds.
I’ve been like listening to stoner some years, not many, but enough I guess considering that I’m like an obsessive and compulsive person…but ain’t gonna talk about myself here. So here you got such list and you may find each album mentioned, in this very website. Also, I won’t say which band is better, but only refer to them. Nonetheless, being this blog my own creation, you should consider my likes, whenever it comes to check up new stuff. These bands are those bands I cannot live without.

Balero: This is HELL itself. What I like about this instrumental stoner band is that having only 3 members, it is able to unleash the inferno over your brain and it is stoner in every sense, because the tempos and rhythm keep you at their sound without any distraction, but dancing and mosh-ing. They like start quiet to end up in chaos. They put your blood to boil. Balero is wrath. They are not the typical instrumental stoner band like pelican and many others with long slow songs, but short and breathtaking. Balero are like stoner explosions.

Karma to Burn: West Virginia might have been the greatest place in earth, back in Karma to Burn’s heyday. This is another Instrumental band, more like southern rock, but stoner as well. When approaching this band you got to go over “Wild, wonderful purgatory” which by far their best work. In fact, this album should be called “greatest hits”. Unlike Balero’s fat and massive sound, Karma is more like a knife or sword, something enough sharp and precise like to split you “right in two”. But also may make you suffer, got some slow songs with passages of pure hate. Karma got that skill to change the whole song climate in a matter of seconds. Got also like more melancholic songs, but the anger keeps at it, like going behind, always stalking your ears to suddenly melt them down. Something important about this band is that being from the later 90s, it helped to give birth and strength to many later stoner bands.

Treasure Cat: This band comes from the “leftovers” or “ashes” of Karma to burn, so now you may see how much I appreciate Karma. The bass work preformed in this band is just “ravishing” (Matt Cross), as well as the work done by “percussionist” Roy Brewer and finally, guitarist Will Melcum. Nonetheless, the view here is different than in Karma. Treasure Cat is more of a groovy experience. The sound isn’t as massive as in Balero or Karma, but rather more joyful, in the sense that this band sound does not throw to ground. On the contrary, somehow it pours you over an addictive balsam that keeps you at their sound. Cats like got nine lives, that effects is proper of this music. The joy never dies, but sets your brain into fire and makes you burn for hours. After a couple of minutes, Treasure cat turns into wrath as well or maybe more of a “berzek” state, cuz is a joyful experience as I said, and this like a band to listen with more people. The first, I rather listen them alone so that I can lose within myself.

Well, this is it for now. I should post some more topics like this one, once in while, just like to state my own line and likes within this particular style of music. Instrumental stoner rocks, because as I said in my previous post, there is no bounds of any kind, it jus you and the music alone. Bands with lyrics often take your mind to one direction, if the topic is hate, then the lyrics should lead you to politics or anti-christianism, but lacking lyrics, you can ake your own picture of the music, your own paradise or hell, that’s the essence of stoner music, the voice should that too, to be a mere instrument you may interpret free bounds.

9 de octubre de 2008

Hotel Wrecking City Traders - EP [2007]

Now comes something new to this blog. Something my ears were glad to discover, just a few days ago. First, I must say thanks to "Sludgeswamp", cuz' I found the band while exploring his blog, which has vast loads of material, so it is quite a nice place to check up.
Well, this a Mellbourne, Australia band. The most amazing thing is that the band has only two members: "ben" the drummer and "toby" on guitars. Coming down to set the band's influences we got names like: Karma to burn, Mogwai, Kinski, Kyuss, Colour Haze, 5ive and some other instrumental bands...oh yeah! this is "Intrumental" stuff. Why is it that I like this music so much? The answer is simple, lacking vocals the music comes to you free of any bounds. I personally found that vocals set directions and rigid rythms to songs...so, in this sense instrumental music allows you to interpret music as you wish, to picture your own image of the sound waves (hate, anger, wrath [not all of them necesarily negative of course])...and I'm talking about this because I'm adding to this post an interview made to HWCT's drummer, in which he refers about the band's origins and to this particular topic of instrumental compositions. So, check up both, the album and the interview...I will probably up-load the band's second album later on, but if you want it first hand, go and get it at sludgeswamp...check up the link on my stoner sources. Take you all!

PD: I forgot to say that they have a DVD, but I haven't been able to find it..."Red Carpet Nigh Presents: Hotel Wrecking City Traders - Live At The EBC "

Interview: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=209672113&blogID=439094479


1.- The Porch
2.- Massoli
3.- Get high motherfucker!
4.- Sutter Cane
5.- Danklicker
6.- 7 minutes of tape

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8 de octubre de 2008

Kyuss - Last Session 1998

I was suppose to write this post and "post" this "post", yesterday. But I did not. Therefore, I do it today... I wish I had a cigarrete while writing this post, but I don't. I pity myself because I have in my ADIDAS "predator" backpack, one box of Argentinian Viceroy "blue blend"(still having 7mg Alquitran). They rock. They are like ten times better than half of Chilean cigarretes, and they're even light. Let's don't even mention how sweet the red ones are. But, the truth is that Argentinian tabacco is much better than Chilean one.
I don't know if tobacco has much to do with Kyuss, but feels like it. I found this weird album within my computer when clearing up. The disc has only 3 songs...but being a rarity within Kyuss discograhpy, I thought about up-loading it. I'd say is an interesting album with an opening song of about 8 minutes of lengh...so check it up before my cigarrete burns down. Rock y'all.

PD: I added this picture as "label", because everytime I trigger a kyuss search in google...this picture crops up. I think is nice, it kinda reminds me bangbross or **parade videos (jojojo).


1.- Sandpiper
2.- Mudfly
3.- Shine

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