19 de agosto de 2009

Bad Brains - Black Dots [1979]

Zée what's up there dudes, yeah fuck myself and fuck my work and fuck me, because I love talkin' bout myself =), what? you don't like it? Then do not fuckin' read this shit even though I fuckin' tried to make it fuckin' funny and fuckin' amusing, from my fuckin' point of view of course.
Ahh, now this post is weird because I kinda had this blog kinda forgotten, if not the whole shit fogotten (...) Shit is that I entered my blog and saw a comment saying something that kinda touched my heart...someone ws actually saying "thanks" to me for posting stuff here and that was nice...we all need and appreciate love sometimes, don't we? In fact these days are kinda tough because of that, not many people say thanks these days, they like kinda forgot that word, I include myself there also...yeah, it sucks, but life's like that.
Now, the other day I was smoking some shit with a friend of mine and he suddenly said: hey, have you ever heard Bad brains? Well, he said this in Spanish...because...(). Well, I replied: No, I haven't. So he fuckin it showed me a Live Concert that was crazy fuckin' as hell fuckin'. The following day I step into "Soulseek" and downloaded like 5 albums and that's it. Bad brains is chaos in a simple and god damn scary way...yeah well, the vocal guy in the band went insane after some years, he was under severe treatment and shit but....yeah this band rocks, I'm kind speechless, but I would like to say that Bad Brains is dangerous, I personally feel like to get out and mosh, and hit people, but in a possitive way...if there's something possitive in beating people for pleasure. Ok, ok, that's enough, the band is said to play "Hardcore Punk", gee what is that to do with Stoner? Nothing I guess...but don't let that "Harcore Punk" title scare you away, just give the band some time and you will see, you fuckin have to trust me....I'm telling you, Bad Brains will make your life better...ajajajaj, well just enjoy it and use your Internet wisely, keep coming back and getting stuff here.
01 .- Don't Need it
02 .- At the Atlantis
03 .- Pay to Cum
04 .- Supertouch Shitfit
05 .- Regulator
06 .- You're a Migraine
07 .- Don't Bother Me
08 .- Banned in D. C.
09 .- Why'd You Have To Go
10 .- The Man Won't Annoy Ya
11 .- Redbone In The City
12 .- Black Dots
13 .- How Low Can A Punk Get
14 .- Just Another Damn Song
15 .- Attitude
16 .- Send You No Flowers

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