22 de junio de 2009

Torche - Healer / Across the Shields 12''

If you ever want to hear something bad about Torche, let me tell you something, this is wrong place. So get the hell out of here. Something you will never see here is READ ME talking bad about such great divine breathtaking band. Torche just did what they had to, they did great....ok ok, Juan Montoya left...gee what a fuckin' loss but i'm positive and I believe good things are about to come. Let's just not fall into the subject of contrasting one album to another...since nowadays we can refer to Torche as entering into a new stage. Yes, I expect changes.
I have not heard this album before and I up-loaded it for the same reason =P, just check it out and enjoy. Take you all.


1.- Healer
2.- Across the Shields
3.- Mash it up
4.- Sugar Glider

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3 comentarios:

Zischkale dijo...

Two of my favorite Torche songs on one EP. And I love the solo at the end of "Sugar Glider." Very unlike Torche, but a cool solo. Sort of like the outro to Tom Petty's "Runnin' Down a Dream".

agravio dijo...

I agree by all means, very unlikely Torche...is like they have always been playing right from the eye of the storm, in its very core and sugard glider and mash it up are just a notorious shift...or somethign of the sort...

Lee Beth dijo...

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