19 de mayo de 2010

Wool - Budspawn [1992]

Hello! Well, since I'm currently unemployed, I guess I have plenty of freetime, again, mmm, like to start diggin on this musical genre that's so amuzing to me. You probably have listened this band, still I didn't know about it untill a few days ago... . Two weeks so far, I 've been seriously listening wool's releases and they are very nice.
Woll was formed by Peter and Franz Stahl, who were playing at Scream, band in which also played Dave Grohl. When Scream went to hell, who knows what reason they had for; Grohl went to Nirvana :O, while Peter and Franz formed Wool.
There is a lot of Punk and hard rock in this band, it sounds like Helmet, said to me a friend the other day. Yeah, Wool has that amazing 90's rock sound which sprouted from peers such as Pearl Jam, Helmet, Nirvana, Alice in Chains and lord knows what else. Anyway, I highly advice you to get this stuff, they are freakin cool. Besides, the album is only 35 mg, damn! I bet you would wish every 35 mg albums were this good, once you have heard Budspawn.

Well, I'm off for now, take your time, Keep coming...I shed tears everytime you make a comment xD Thanks, you rock!


1.- S.O.S
2.- Slightly Under
3.- Clear my head
4.- Wait
5.- Medication
6.- Eff

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hello, the link was deleted, can you re-upload this album please??