15 de mayo de 2010

ZEN - The sound of shit happening [2003]

Hello there, I'm back, fucking back and bringing some very interesting stuff. If you have listened this band already...I say goddamn! I wish you would have told me about them.
First, watch out!!! This post is rather different to often stoner rock posts. In fact, there few posts of this kind. I remenber a post on a band called DAREDIABLO, if you have picked that, you should take this as well.
Zen is a swedish band. One those bands that when it comes to define its musical genre, you just think like hmmm.... But anyway, I been looking up and this would fit somehow rock + some bites of Amanita muscaria, say psychodelia.
If you decided to listen this album, I highly, but man, I very highly advice you to start with song called "Loosin". I'll fucking dare to say that "Loosin" talks very good about Zen's sound. Reading about the band, there is plenty of talking about Pink Floyd as Zen's influeces and fuck yeah, Zen is got guts. I mean, I went fucking crazy with some of their songs. That's funny because I am not really into slow tempo rythms, therefore, listening to Zen rockin this hard, just makes me feel like shit.

"Swedish superb band that falls into the dreamland of progressive psych / space rock and progressive music. Reminds a bit of German RPWL, but ZEN is better. 2nd track "Losin" is a fabolous killer with spacerock overtones, dreamy and very harmonic." (don't remenber who actually wrote this xD)

PD: I shall start to upload stuff much more often from now on, so stay tuned to stonerstates, say good bye and good listening pals, and thanks!

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