8 de octubre de 2008

Kyuss - Last Session 1998

I was suppose to write this post and "post" this "post", yesterday. But I did not. Therefore, I do it today... I wish I had a cigarrete while writing this post, but I don't. I pity myself because I have in my ADIDAS "predator" backpack, one box of Argentinian Viceroy "blue blend"(still having 7mg Alquitran). They rock. They are like ten times better than half of Chilean cigarretes, and they're even light. Let's don't even mention how sweet the red ones are. But, the truth is that Argentinian tabacco is much better than Chilean one.
I don't know if tobacco has much to do with Kyuss, but feels like it. I found this weird album within my computer when clearing up. The disc has only 3 songs...but being a rarity within Kyuss discograhpy, I thought about up-loading it. I'd say is an interesting album with an opening song of about 8 minutes of lengh...so check it up before my cigarrete burns down. Rock y'all.

PD: I added this picture as "label", because everytime I trigger a kyuss search in google...this picture crops up. I think is nice, it kinda reminds me bangbross or **parade videos (jojojo).


1.- Sandpiper
2.- Mudfly
3.- Shine

Download (sharebee)

3 comentarios:

Glorb dijo...

Seems very interresting. I've never heard of these songs. :)

(but the link is not active)

Glorb dijo...

Muchas gracias par todo esto !

Now that i see the name of the song i recognize them. They've been sold on beautiful 7" at man ruin's records. :)

lombrizolitaria dijo...

Qué buena! este disco no lo tenía.
Qué buenos pantalones! jaja
Saludos Sixtin!