12 de octubre de 2008

Yajaira - Yahaira [1998]

Hey! There's only one thing to say at this point, Yajaira is the best stoner band of South America. I know that "Los Natas" got like a respectable status, but since I have not heard such band in depth, I'd say Yajaira is the best shit to roll over the floor and go out to kick some asses. Are lookin' for some fuckin' rock and roll? So just get this jewel people, Chilean stoner at its best!


1.- Horizonte
2.- Alcohol
3.- Escucha el viento
4.- Bajo presión
5.- Corre, respira, descansa
6.- Camonbeibe
7.- Hacia el Sol
8.- Dame tu alma
9.- Más
10.- Gorgar
11.- H.E.E.B.
12.- Sweet weed (Live)
13.- Caminar (Live)
14.- Camonbeibe (live)

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