18 de junio de 2009

Year Long Disaster - EP

Hey there!! what's up? I really don't know. Only god damn shit I remenber is that last year I had loads and plenty lots of free time to look for new music and upload stuff for you. Nonetheless, the 2009's rythmn is quite different and it had ended up being fucking overwhelming. I sincerely say that I don't have fucking free time and If I fucking do, I rather like to burn that time...burn to ashes what is left in my brain.
Ok!! enough drama, I just uploaded something I've been listening lately, a band that I have come to like lately... this is like the perfect first peak for you, in case you haven't heard the band before. I highly suggest this piece, it always brings me back sounds and images of Led Zeppelin and Hendrix, I don't know you but those two things I just mentioned are two good reasons to check this stuff up. Now, maybe, maybe I shall up load something else later, who knows...holiday is near...take care you all and enjoy!

1.- Year Long Disaster - The Mad Shrew
2.- Year Long Disaster - Victory at Sea
3.- Year Long Disaster - Trading Favors
4.- Year Long Disaster - You Don't Want to Let Me Down
5.- Year Long Disaster - Shapeless Nasty

Download (Sharebee)

PD: Bear in mind that the bassist man on Year Long Disaster is Rich "oh my god" Mullins, ex-founding member on Karma to Burn.

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