29 de enero de 2009

Torche - Meanderthal (2008)

We know something, though Meanderthal is Torche's best album so far, we got to acknowledge that currently, the band is missing one member. So, the right question is "HOW" will they continue to produce such a massive sludge sound? and if they would do, how the hell they gonna make it? I'm scared, but we shall have an aswer this year, unless the band does not release a new album, which I seriously doubt.
I got to say that in the beginning, I was amazed with The Sword. I mean, a couple of years back I was listening two new bands, when I used to care only about oldies like Kyuss, Cathedral, etc. I always had Torche like the second option, but this has changed, turning The Sword to occupy that place now. The thing is that maybe Torche has turned to be a much more solid band, that has evolved in every album, showing something new but still possessed by a roaring bestial sound. In this sense, this might be The Sword's flaw, because in the end their two albums are quite similar...or maybe I just overlistened the band. Anyway, let's ignore that alst comment, otherwise, everything I had said so far would mean a shit "JAJA".
Finally, the point and the trigger of this chit-chat is that Steve Brooks left something very clear when referring about Juan Montoya's loss: "Torche will still carry on a 3 piece band", which means he ain't filling in that hole, maybe he does not even consider that Montoya's left a hole when departing, and that's what we are about to find out. In this sense, Brook's idea of the next album might be sparking a whole shift in the band's sound, rather than to stick to the one in the previous albums, regarding that Montoya is absent and that's undeniable and I'm sure will have consequences.
Well, enjoy this piece pals and OH! I leave you a link to an interview, in which Brooks refers to Menaderthal.

"I know you are an old-school metal kid, what would the 14 year old Steve Brooks think of Torche?
I would’ve probably liked some of the brutal heavy stuff, but hated the singer."

LINK: http://www.smnnews.com/2008/03/27/torche-steve-brooks-vocalsguitars/

Now, here is a second interview, I just tell you it is fuckin' hilarious and funny, a chit-chat between Juan Montoya and a guy called Steven Tanner from a band named "Harvey Milk", which of course I will look into, because Montoya loves the band and Torche does so...just check it up.



01 - Triumph of Venus
02 - Grenades
03 - Pirana
04 - Healer
05 - Sandstorm
06 - Speed of the Nail
07 - Across the Shields
08 - Sundown
09 - Little Champion
10 - Without a Sound
11 - Fat Waves
12 - Amnesian
13 - Meanderthal

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