26 de marzo de 2014

Sumo: Obras Cumbres.

Some of my friends said: see you around. They have not appeared yet. I wonder where the hell are they? It's quite funny. Nostalgic times always brings that necessity for rock, that music which may inspire you to believe in your imaginary paralelled universes. In one of them, I know man revolves around hemp. By the way, " Industial hemp" labelled events are exploding into public on the whereabouts of Iowa. I got a friend screaming: nobody can prohibite my Mary. 
Talking about pot means refering to Luca Prodan somehow. Even though he probably believed in weed as step drug into a spyral of exhistential wars. Prodan found peace in music feeding on Heroine, paradogically the name of one of his most demential songs. On the other hand, when the party is down I would play a couple of other songs and party would mosh out my window. For example: Debede, Mejor no hablar de ciertas cosas, La rubia tarada....and so on. And there
are times when reggae appears too, plenty of times by the way, you got: Peace and love, Regtest.... I can clearly say Sumo is a band found somewhere among Pink Floyd, The Clash, Rolling Stone and The Beatles as well. I think that's a pretty fucking good reason to listen the band, over and over again. Pot would bring about Sumo and then would bring about Datura. That's heaven in my pilgrimage to the cosmos, that fuel ignites me to scream: Don't know what to wish for, just want it now!


CD 1
1. Heroína (5:43)
2. La rubia tarada (3:44)
3. Mula plateada (3:56)
4. No acabes (3:54)
5. Regtest (3:46)
6. El reggae de paz y amor (4:16)
7. Debede (2:54)
8. Mejor no hablar (4:43)
9. Divididos por la felicidad (5:01)
10. No duermas más (3:03)
11. Kaya (3:16)
12. Fiebre (3:56)
13. Cuerdas, gargantas y cables (3:06)
14. Cinco magníficos (4:12)
15. Estallando desde el océano (3:35)
16. T.V. Caliente (4:41)
17. El ojo blindado (2:16)
18. Fuck you (1:53)
CD 2
1. Los viejos vinagres (3:17)
2. Nextweek (3:16)
3. No good (4:53)
4. Que me pisen (4:22)
5. Aquí vienen los blue jeans (2:46)
6. No más nada (2:58)
7. Crua chan (2:51)
8. No tan distintos (2:41)
9. Banderitas y globos (3:00)
10. Mañana en el abasto (4:10)
11. Hola Frank (3:12)
12. Ojos de terciopelo (3:33)
13. Lo quiero ya (2:18)
14. La gota en el ojo (3:07)
15. El cieguito volador (3:21)
16. No te pongas azul (4:06)
17. Brilla tu luz para mí (42:48)
18. Callate Mark (5:08)
19. Años (4:33)
20. Noche de paz (2:07)

Download Album 1 (MeGA)
Download Album 2 (Mega)

PD: I must thanks http://masvaleserpunky.blogspot.com for the valuable links.

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