29 de julio de 2014

Cadillac Diablo - Rockabilly surfing from Valdivia, Chile.

Cadillac Diablo is local rockabilly surfing band. They are from my town, Valdivia, Chile. I met them while partying at a rock concert. Later on we would meet again and introduce myself as an amateur camara man. Time has passed and we are sorta working together, they play and I record. I love the fact that they turn up crowds and shake them to live up moshs. Their music is simple and lovely, it goes straight to your vein and let you roll through the night.
I am adding my personal live recordings, please do not mind on talking about sound quality, because I am not a PRO, I merely own a Sony Handycam, proper light and acoustic is often a huge disadvantage to my magic. Even though, check them up, they'll rock your body ;)


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