28 de septiembre de 2008

High on Fire - Death is this Communion [2007]

I have this friend of mine who has this "fixation". Whenever we speak about something that it is bizarre, for instance, about a man being decapitated while having sex with a horse (it's just an example ¿OK?, we actually don't speak about things like this, not that I remenber ) then he tends to say: wow! gore gore. The thing is that he doesn't say the words with the right pronunciation, but he says literally "gore gore" as we do in spanish, adding emphasize on the letter "e", on purpose.
Now, you may think what's the big deal about this? I mean, What is it to do with the band I'm about to post? The thing is that this band I'm posting right now, it is a band you may regard as "gore gore". To ilustrate, imagine the next scene between felipe(the man with the fixation) and Sixto (the one with stoner blog):

Felipe: Hey Sixto how are you man?
Sixto: I'm fine.
Felipe: What are you listening to?
Sixto: Oh! I'm listening High on Fire, Death is this communion.
Felipe: Wow! I listened that album the other day, gore gore.
Sixto: Yeah! It is in fact, gore gore.


01. Fury Whip 06:14
02. Waste of Tiamat 05:44
03. Death is this Communion 08:35
04. Khanrad's Wall 02:27
05. Turk 05:03
06. Headhunter 01:24
07. Rumors of War 02:51
08. DII 03:45
09. Cyclopian Scape 07:29
10. Ethereal 06:57
11. Return to NOD 06:17

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2 comentarios:

TONA dijo...

this is, without a doubt, the best review of Death ... i ve read!

lombrizolitaria dijo...

Yeah, GORRRRR!!!

At the beginning I thought you were talking about KAALBUCOO GORE.

Cool blog.