4 de noviembre de 2008

Yawning man - Pothead

It's true that I have like vanished from the surfice of the earth. It's true that the first month I posted 30 albums. The second month just 8 and on October only 4. But, I 've been busy...just thinking that I have like 5 months left of youth and freedom, after that, I should start working. FUCK!! I just enjoy my parents giving me some money and pay for everything... I wonder if it is that cool to live on your own, under your own rules and everything. One thing is clear, thinking to much about it fucks your mind. So I decided to stop and post something...light a cigarrete meanwhile...eat some cookies...some sweeet little rounded tight cookies...I guess that of "tight" cookies does not make much sense...I wonder where the fuck is my lighter...now I found it and does not work...perfect! I think posts ago I said something about how bad Chilean cigarretes were...so, I won't throw more shit to my country, it already has enough.
Yawning man is the band you are looking for in case you wanted to loose your wit. I mean it. It like drag you down to far distant dimensions. That's cool. That's dangerous too. Also, I haven't like posted many things because I'm running out of stuff...the bands I like haven't release nothing new...so I guess we'll just have to wait. At first, I thought about uploading the Unquestionable precense album of experimental death metal band Atheist. Those guys are mad...the drummer or percusionist has like 20 arms, but I gave up the idea, because I guess was out of context. What the hell, enjoy this one chumps.


1. Manolete
2. Digital smoke signal
3. Encounters with an angry god
4. Samba de primavera

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Glorb dijo...

Your life will really begin in 5 months, nothing to be shy about. ;)

bibi87 dijo...