11 de enero de 2009

Torche - Torche [2005]

Uh! my fellows, this is an exciting post, bringing up to the net surface one of those beautifull Torche's album. Gosh, Torche is one of those new bands that puts my blood to boil and certainly stones my head with trippy powerfull riffs (...) Furthermore, the good shit is that, when we compare Torche with other sludge metal fellow bands like High on Fire, Weedeater, Electric Wizard, etc; they all got their weak and strong sides, but none of them reaches what Torche often does in a three and even two minutes song. I think there is the sludge essence somehow. There we got our Holy Roar, our Mentor, Fire, Rule the Beast, Hellion, etc.
Reading about the band I came up with the news that Juan Montoya, left the band due to musical differences. Juan Montoya is the responsible of the ass kicking space rocket melodies in this album, for instance, in song "fuck addict".
The good thing is that, according to Steve Brooks the band will continue. I wonder what kind of consequences this change will have in the band's sound... Well, hope you to enjoy this one, I will upload Torche's other works later probaly.


1.- Charge of the Brown Recluse
2.- Safe
3.- Mentor
4.- Erase
5.- Fuck Addict
6.- Vampyro
7.- Rockit
8.- Fire
9.- Holy Roar
10.- The Last Word

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