5 de enero de 2009

Mother Trucker - Electric Blacksmith EP [2006]

Long time no see I guess. I don't know if it is enough of instrumental stuff, but hell, I never have enough, I 'm never satisfied so here I bring you a new band I found out. They are somehow more of a slow motion intrumental stuff and according to experts they go like in the line of Red Sparowes and Pelican, that means, bathed in doom. I just have tried to listen both of those bands, but I just don't like them. Nevertheless, Mother Trucker is the exception to the rule.
The band was formed in October 2003 and is the creation of Charlie Butler (Guitar), Tom Moffat (Bass), James Davison (Drums) and Chris Scrivens (Guitar) from Birmingham in the UK.
"Mothertrucker blend together the harshness of metal, the ambience, texture and lulling nature of post-rock, the groove and rolling rhythms of stoner rock and the gruesome dark feelings of doom with the aim of fusing all this into one as a truly cohesive sound". (http://www.purevolume.com/mothertrucker)

Well, I hope you like, just give it a try and you may find something really addictive. See y'all.

1.Horn of Edwards06:56
2.The Russian01:42
3.The Taking of Planet 5508:31
4.Dark Destroyer05:44
5.Kings of Kabaddi10:21
Total playing time33:14

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