20 de noviembre de 2008

Cromagnon's Rehearsals 2008

All right this a particular, mmm, a very special post. There this band called "Cromagnon", that rehearsal at my house every wednesday and some fridays. It's cool to have your friend's band playing at your house. It's cool when you live in a big house, just you and your younger brother and can fuckin unleash the very hell with no complaints...that's great. So this picture is from yesterday. You got in there "flako" the guitar solo man, and its brand new guitar...he actually tested it yesterday for the very first time and... the other guitar is Cocho's riff man gibson. Well, I would not dare to say they sound like this and like that...I just leave some youtube links for you to watch and judge for yourselves.
Originally some songs include lyrics and singing, but since the band has no singer yet nor a fuckin microphone, they are just playing instrumental. Listen every of the seven songs, they all got something special. I hope you like them, cheers and good bye.
PD: please don't mind the quality of the video, because it is shoted with a digital camera, please don't mind the darkness and please, please don't mind the camera man, because he was fuckin' stoned when shoting some videos, you will realize which videos I am talking about ajajajaj. Please leave some comments if you wish, I would appreciate that.
1. Cromagnon - Voragine
2. Cromagnon - Una noche (first rehearsal)
3. Cromagnon - Una noche (second rehearsal)
4. Cromagnon - Twice
5. Cromagnon - Song 7 (first draft, still to work out)
6 . Cromagnon - Cromagnon
7. Cromagnon - Inconciente

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