12 de noviembre de 2008

Nitroseed - Molt

Hey, cheer up! I'm posting very often now. In fact, I'm surprise of myself. Moreover, I brought a new band to you. Well is not actually a new band, but I discorvered it just a couple of days ago. Talking about this band, necesarily means to talk about Karma to burn, because Karma is a pionner in instrumental rock and somehow stoner. In this sense, it means to touch on many other instrumental bands outhere like Balero, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, 5ive, Treasure cat, and A Tijuana Trip, just to mention a few I enjoy a lot. Nitroseed comes from Laurel, Maryland, USA. They are regarded as Instrumental Stoner Doom. I guess such description fits their sound. They are a doom stoner band, but they got something else, they got that spark of heavy and groove that keeps you on fire and that's the reason I'm posting their stuff. I often fall sleep with stoner doom, but this an exception. They got those sweet and painfull slow repetitive compases and rythms encripted in heavy metal chords and rolled around in riffs saturated with stoner everywhere, then encripted again in a Balero's mood and rolled around in Karma to Burn's sudden chord explosions.
It's a nice band, no weak songs as Stoner Rock review says. The band play solid, furious and neverending as a flame. Take this piece without shadow of doubt. 10o% suggested.


1. Barbarian test tube
2. Creeper
3. Class War
4. Ship from up North
5. Megalodon
6. Power of the Sun
7. Combined Forces
8. Molt
9. Saturday night palsy
10 . Gut butt

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