17 de noviembre de 2008

RotoR - 3 [2007]

Hey there pals! I'm back again and with new stuff again. This is another band I found along with Nitroseed. This time, stoner comes from Berlin, Germany. Don't know much of german stoner, but this band certainly surprised me a lot. RotoR have certainly a very wide and rich sound, like to say this is only stoner or psychodelic rock. So, I'm just will tell you some bands that came to my mind while listening the album. Oh! By the way, this a great instrumental band. That is why I made the assosiation with Nitroseed.
First, I thought inmediately about Karma to burn, then an Argentinian band called Poseidotika also appeared, along with Opeth. Weird. So let's say the band has some tough stoner rock, along with some metal, progresive stuff and the right dosis of psych. I may tell you don't even try to imagine what this band sound like...just get it and enjoy. =P
PD: Squirrel gripp records define the album as "An irresitable koloss of groove, heavy riffs and delicate jazzy playing - as it hasn`t been heard so far!"


1. Auf' Maul
2. V-ger
3. Rotor
4. Hart im Wind
5. Umkehrschub
6. Drehsturm
7. Klar Schiff
8. Nordend
9. Kaltstart
10 . Transporter

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