7 de noviembre de 2008

Condor - Volando alto y fuerte

I guess the idea is catching up. I wonder if you have played a PS2 game called "DEF JAM", some pals are playing that game while I'm posting this...it's a grat game, I mean it... I'm not playing because I'm just to good...so I make fights short enough like to make them boring...that ain't fair. Now, this a Chilean band. Condor was born in 2003. Their crew say they draw influences from actionrock, punkrock and stoner. To name a band, I'd say Motorhead and according to to friend of mine, they sound like Tabernarios and Hielo Negro, both Chilean rock n' roll stoner bands. Listen this band and you gonna feel like to kick some asses, drink, get high and chat up some babes. Rock n' roll is here, please do you ears a favor and grab this shit people. Take care and happy leech.

PD: I got this album from southernkataklysm.blogspot.com, so let's give him some credit, thanks man.


1. Hijo mío
2. 90 instantes
3. Por unos pesos
4. Copa de mas
5. El padrino
6. No cambiare
7. Cruda de bar
8. Paga el precio
9. El otro blues
10. Hacia el infierno
11. Blusi
12. Fumanchu
13. Volando alto

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