15 de noviembre de 2008

Brain Police - Brain Police [2003]

Well, I won't say stupid things this time. I won't talk about cigarretes or PS2 or whatever. (..) Today's noon is very sunny... I don't what the fuck I'm going to do the rest of the day...cuz' is just 13:42...I got some stuff there...they kick asses, but studying seems like an alternative, I have to study or...I'll be sleeping with the fishes, see?
Todays band comes from Iceland, the band name comes from Frank Zappa's song Who are the brain police? Nice tip?
I like this band because their sound brings me back memories from a Black Metal band called Ildjarn, from Nordway. I guess Stoner and Black Metal are nothing to do, but the guitar sound, I'm not talking about melodies, but pure sound, shape of sound. Ildjarn had this guitar sound, extremely saturated, very fat-swollen sound and like burned up, bursted, blew out; a really dirty garage or bassement sound. Astroqueen, Into Submission (2001) has exactly a similar sound in guitar, should check up that one if you haven't yet.
Brain Police got a nice singer, just as unmelodic as posible and sometimes drums and rythms remind me Brant Bjork, and some songs to also reminds me Cathedral's 1993 stoner masterpiece "The Ethereal Mirror".
Brain Police has quite a status in their land, and it seems that in the outlands, they're doing pretty well too. I really think this is a MUST check band, they certainly have come to give their sound an interesting and unique shape. This album has no weak songs, all of them rock, so feel free to rock the hell out of you when listening this band.


1. One blow
2. Return to the Lovechopper of D
3. Rocket fuel
4. Free Lovin' Temptress
5. Love mutha
6. Dust Revolver
7. Johnny babas
8. El duderino
9. Iron fist
10. The Journey is the Destination
11. Womble dust
12. Taste the flower
13. Jacuzzi suzy

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