18 de septiembre de 2008

Datura - Allisone [1998]

Datura is NZ band of power space sludge rock or stoner rock band. Datura has loads of 70s music influences in their riffs, so if you are into Black Sabbath, you gonna enjoy this band, cuz' it is much more powerfull and got a nice singer, whose voice resembles that of John García. Also, people like refers to this band when talking about the very best of Monster Magnet and Fu-Manchu, whenever it comes to a band with a "fat sound".
It is amazing how slang takes over when depicting the sound of a band, I wonder if everyone gets that, the generous ambiguity and free interpretation of things. Well pals, enjoy this one!
PD: the picture has nothign to do with the band =P

01 - Lost in time
02 - Astral man
03 - Journey through space
04 - Man in the space
05 - Phazer
06 - Shine
07 - Mountain