2 de septiembre de 2008

Blue Cheer - Vincebus eruptum [1968]

Well, I will keep uploading some albums to do with that top 20 list of the best stoner album ever, and this band is interesting though it has that sound tipical of the 70s. It is a very short album and I leave you Decibel's opinion of the work performed by Blue Cheer in this disc. Take care people!

8 Blue Cheer, Vincebus Eruptum | Philips (1968)
"Ah, the fabled psychedelic sounds of San Francisco. So soothing and filled with visions of hope and universal brotherhood. Ha! Get over it, Phishhead. The sound of San Fran circa 1968 was perfectly encapsulated by Blue Cheer’s feral power-trio attack of fuzz, feedback and the unrelenting wail of a sky high Marshall stack. By 1968, Frisco had devolved into McMansonland—speed-addled, brain-dead runaways living under bridges and eating neighborhood pets. Vincebus is the triumphant sound of frustration at being handed a lie and told to suck on it. Plus, Blue Cheer’s sound is just so impossibly cool. For 40 years, people have been trying to replicate their bastard approximation of Hendrix and Cream and often come up short. God bless their tortured, beautiful souls. —Scott Seward"

Retrieved from: http://www.decibelmagazine.com/features_detail.aspx?id=8936


01 - Summertime blues
02 - Rock me baby
03 - Doctor please
04 - Out of focus
05 - Parchment farm
06 - Second time around

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