9 de septiembre de 2008

Astroqueen - Into Submission [2001]

The other day I was reading my posts, cuz' I find them quite funny, so I read them when I'm feeling sad and I need like to see something stupid to cheer me up, I mean, I'm not saying I'm stupid, but that I'm smart enough like to make my posts that funny...or do you think they are not funny? Cuz' if they're not, you just tell me and I will stop writing in such lame manners.
In fact, I will not, I will do whatever I want cuz' this is my blog, yeah! so...().
Enough esquizofrenia stuff, today's post is about a Swedish band, that I came to listen a bit late, I mean, how the hell I did not find this band earlier? Anyway, considering I havel ike listened the album just a couple a times, I don't have yetmuch info over the band and there's not much in the net also. Astroqueen has released two LPs so far and some EPs, they do good stuff, you gonna enjoy how saturated the guitar sounds and voice is cool also, so here we have a good band that helps to spread the stoner music around the world, this is the kind of stuff that people should listen. See you all! Virtually, of course.


1 - Landslide
2 - Out Of This World
3 - Superhuman God
4 - Brain Phase Voyage
5 - Rufus Jr.
6 - Planet Dust
7 - The Sonic Ride
8 - Soul Burner
9 - I Go To Sleep
10 - Serve The Sun
11 - Lua Vermelha

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