7 de septiembre de 2008

Whiskey Daredevils - Greatest Hits []

I wish I had a cigarrete while writing this post, but ain't got a shit, I feel lame being soo poor, I never been so poor in the last couple of weeks, damn man! Well, I'm uploading something fresh, something I found just the other day while clearing up my room. To be precise, I found the CD among those "X" Cds you were meant to heard long ago, but only God knows why you did not. This band is like Eagles of Death Metal. I must admit that my scope in what refers to rock and roll bands, rocka'billy and whatever...it is a bit limited. So people, this is just rock and roll, the one that lights your fire up to the ceiling, the one we like and feel. Sometimes it has a sound which resembles that of the country style, but believe me it fits the mood, rather than screwing up things. I won't say if Whiskey Daredevils are better than Eagles of Death Metal, I guess that's pointless, but man this album just rocks. For sure I will also post their last album"Old Favorites"[2007], which rocks too. Probably, I'll add some info about the band in that post. Take care all!


01 - AMC Hornet
02 - Jesus Walks Besides Me
03 - Let's Lynch the Landlord
04 - Mickey's Bigmouth
05 - Cool Cool Water
06 - Don't Go
07 - Ida Jane
08 - Waylon Jennings Shower
09 - Ironic Trucker Hat
10 - Waiting For You
11 - Jack Evans Wants His Lighter Back
12 - Greasy Box

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