5 de septiembre de 2008

Yajaira - Lento y Real []

I guess everyone of us has at least one friend, one of those you can talk about music, bands and whatever related to this topic...I have this friend of mine, He kinda like bands from our place "CHILE", to name some we got Hielo Negro, Devil Presley, Tabernarios? and Yahaira. Last couple of days he turned a bit insistent in posting Yahaira's "Lento y Real" album and as I knew I will not wriggle out of it, I ended up listening the album to find a good band. This is more like psychodelich stuff, though it is stoner as well I would say yahaira's is more "psycho", because their sound has this sweet and nasty "trippy" effect on you. Well, just take your ears to it and enjoy it!


1. Cae
2. ¿A dónde vas tan rápido?
3. Nada
4. La serpiente antigua
5. Sin dios ni razón
6. Vidrio molido
7. El ritual
8. Sangra el cielo

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