9 de septiembre de 2008

Brant Bjork - Keep your cool [jammin times]

Well, classics like this one never get old. Classics like this must inevitable be posted in each Stoner Music blog around the fuckin' world. This is the album you listen while smoking shits and talking with your pals, cuz it leads on that wave of "hey monkey boy, why are you unemployed...cuz' I'm fuckin jammin, yeah! I'm jammin (...) Johnny called me up on the telephone, just to tell me I'm not alone, let's go grab some stuff and party all night. Got no more lies to tell, I'm like falling asleep here and is not that nice to sleep over the keyboard and wake up the next day, go running to the university to find that everyone is lookin' at you...Man! What the fuck happened to you? I fell asleep, I guess... No No, I mean your face, it's like you had slept over the keyboard or sth...just get the album will you? I mean, please do it. Do yourselves a favor.


01 - Hey, monkey boy
02 - Johnny called me
03 - Rock-N-Roll'e
04 - I miss my chick
05 - Keep your cool
06 - Gonna make the scene
07 - Searchin'
08 - My soul

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