23 de septiembre de 2008

Dinamite! No 9 [2008]

Well, mmm Hi there. I'm like posting something new I've been listening lately. Well, in fact this is a collection of the magazine you may see on the label. So it gathers bands whose influences go from psychobilly to rockabilly, rock and roll and somequirky touches of surf music. Such variety of styles certainly makes this collection quite interesting and I personally got stunned with some songs such as "brass knuckle boogie", "the big kahuna", "teasing woman", "firestarter" and many others that literally are hell entertaining and ass kicking. But, how did I come to listen this stuff? Well, it all started a couple of months ago with Eagles of Death Metal and after that, another band that knocked me down was Whiskey Daredevils. In short, this collection is a ravishing mix-up of styles that worths to check up. Nevertheless, the best reason to go into this stuff is the fact that I'm uploading such files, yes, cuz' I guess people come here not only to get what they are looking for, but to try new stuff, apart from classics. Well pals, take care.

Pd: I found rather difficult to get stuff from each band in the collection. One of the few band I found something was Gutter Demons. I got of their albums, so if anyone wants them, just ask for them.


01. Skinny Jim & The Number 9 Blacktops - Firecracker Cadillac
02. Free Soul - Teasing Woman
03. Brass Knuckle Boogie -The Brass Knuckle Boogie
04. Hillbilly Rawhide - High on the Road
05. Smokestack Lightnin - Big Kahuna
06. P.Paul Fenech - Damn Happy
07. Gutter Demons - Firestarter
08. Los Asskickers Enmascarados - Terremoto Marino
09. The Hot Rod Racers - Heart Rock Blues
10. Neva River Rockets - Hot Rod Volga
11. Snake Bite - It Makes me Wild
12. Rocket in a Pocket - Satellite
13. Barneys Boogie Train - Wake up in the Morning with the Devil in my Head
14. Royal Rabbit -Switchblade Run

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