30 de agosto de 2008

Langhorns - Langhorns (1998)

Well, it's been a fuckin while since I posted something, think like about a week and yeh...but ain't going to tell you about the problems in my fuckin' fucked up life... it's just weird how fine weeks are not good enough to make feel happy...but only one thing makes you feel that way: weed. Wonder if that means I'm fucked up? Anyway, during my absence I was listening to some bands and I'm posting this because it cheers you up man, you listen these vibes and feel like to go on vacation (ajajaja, yeh!) I mean it, it's like crazy on let's go to surf the whole week. The band is from Sweden and they have released 3 albums so far. They make an awesome instrumental surf stuff, I love instrumental bands and this one is no exception, I'm like falling in love. Well, just check it out pals! Sure you ain't gonna regret it!


01 - Tierra del fuego
02 - Penetration
03 - Mother of Earth
04 - Buccaneer
05 - The sinner
06 - El guapo
07 - Knuckleduster
08 - Squad car
09 - John doe
10 - The quiet surf
11 - Latinia
12 - Awesome
13 - Langhorn
14 - The poker
15 - The eternal wave
16 - Pretty please

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1 comentario:

lombrizolitaria dijo...

Acabo de bajar el disco.

Interesante que vengan de Suecia.
Interesante que un tema lleve por
nombre "Tierra del Fuego".
Interesante material!

Se agradece su blog :)

La "Señora Interesante" :P

p.d. Hurgueteando por ahí me enteré que la música de estos tipos ha sido usada en series como Bob Esponja y Sex and the City...jaja!