12 de agosto de 2008

Buffalo - Karma [2005]

Well, this post is to kill two birds with one stone. Buffalo, as well as Poseidotica, it is an Argentinian stoner rock band that draws the attention. Whenever I feel like listening their music I also think in Hielo Negro (Chile), Los natas (argentina) and Yahaira (Chile). I was trying to make a point there, I'm not sure whether it worked out or not...check up this band pals. I think I will be uploading one or two albums those mentioned bands, later on.


01 - Tourismo
02 - Una casa
03 - Guardapantanos
04 - Vertical
05 - Infinidad
06 - Hombre ciego
07 - Karma
08 - Temporada de huracanes
09 - Mi propia guerra
10 - El fantasma sobre el río gran
11 - Ciudad perro

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