16 de agosto de 2008

The Sword - Gods of the Earth [2008]

Well, I was thinking in posting something fresh and brutal, and I came up with the last work of The Sword. In just two years the band have gained a considerable status, within the scene of new metal and stoner. More thrash, some chumps say this album is overloaded with. I can only say that The Sword first album was awesome. It does not matter if they are not sparking off a new sound or style, which is worst, they are playing within a genre we are used to, and its been years since something surprising came from that scene. So what makes The Sword a remarkable band is that virtue, they just play rough and brutal using the same elements a thousand bands around the world are using, except they use them better than those thousand of bands. That's a kick in the ass! I have really nothing further to say, let The Sword speak for itself. Get it now!


01 - The sundering
02 - How heavy this axe
03 - Lords
04 - Fire lances of the ancient hyperzephyrians
05 - To take the black
06 - Maiden, mother & crone
07 - Under the boughs
08 - The black river
09 - The white sea

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