11 de agosto de 2008

Hermano - Dare I say [2004]

Well, here we have John Garcia's last known band...hell, he looks so old and tired. I miss his Kyuss voice sometimes, but this album is not bad at all, it is sometimes quite hypnotic. Glup glup glup. Consequently, if I did not think this "Dare I say" rocks, I would not have posted it, but I did, which means...yeah, it means that. Fuck the system! =D


01 - Cowboys suck
02 - Life
03 - Roll over
04 - Brother Bjork
05 - Is this OK?
06 - Quite fucked
07 - Murder one
08 - My boy
09 - Let's get it on
10 - On the dessert
11 - Angry man

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