13 de agosto de 2008

Yawning Man - Rock Formations [2005]

Now, this a special post. In fact, it is so special that even saying this a one thousand star post, would not make it special enough. Yawning man is a cult and legendary band you need to listen. Furthermore, if you read up on the band, you may even get to understand where stoner comes from. Now, I leave you a comment to read, beause this guy knows to describe better than me what the fuck Yawning man is about. Just think about that Yawning man's music heavily influenced the likes of John Garcia, Josh Homme, and Brant Bjork to name only a few; who would later form the legendary stoner rock band Kyuss.

"Yawning Man was the sickest desert band of all time. You’d just be up there in the desert, everybody’d just be hanging, partying. And they’d show up in their van and just, mellow, drag out their shit and set up right about the time the sun was goin’ down, set up the generators, sometimes they’d just go up there and drink beers and barbecue. Sometimes it would be a scene; sometimes it would be very intimate. It was very casual and loose and everybody would like, while they’re playing, everyone would just lounge around. They were kinda like a house band. It wasn’t militant like Black Flag. It was very drugged, very stone-y, it was very mystical. Everyone’s just tripping, and they’re just playing away, for hours. Oh, they’re the GREATEST band I’ve ever seen.- Brant Bjork (2002)"

  1. "Rock Formations" (5:21)
  2. "Perpetual Oyster" (5:22)
  3. "Stoney Lonesome" (6:02)
  4. "Split Tooth Thunder" (2:58)
  5. "Sonny Bono Memorial Freeway" (3:52)
  6. "Airport Boulevard" (5:22)
  7. "Advanced Darkness" (2:33)
  8. "She Scares Me" (4:09)
  9. "Crater Lake" (3:37)
  10. "Buffalo Chips" (4:27)
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