8 de agosto de 2008

Darediablo - Twenty Paces [2005]

I’d like to suggest this band mainly because of its, let’s say musical richness. It is such a fusion band that is way hardly to see where stoner is in their sound. Despite of such statement, the band reaches way stunning peaks from out of the blue…funny thing about this album and band is that led me to strongly start listening stoner rock. Yes, I bet this is the most persuasive argument. I just tell you to check it up! =P


01 - Twenty Paces
02 - Apache Chicken
03 - Batten Down The Hatches
04 - Roster Of Evil
05 - The Bells Of Goliad
06 - Billy Got Worse
07 - The Sidekick
08 - The Papier Mache Miracle
09 - Nife Fite On Wife Nite
10 - Lonely Is The Stranger In The Rainbow Of The Heat...
11 - French Exit

Dowlonad (Sharebe)

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