12 de agosto de 2008

Poseidotica - La Distancia [2008]

Well, this a particular post, because again I am posting something different to stoner, as I did in the past, posting Darediablo's Twenty Paces album. Poseidotica is an Argentinian instrumental psychodelic rock-progresive band. Websites' descriptions about their music say something like: "Starting with the goal of creating an environmental and heavy rock, each integral ingredient contributes its staff in order to achieve a range of climates and dark and dense atmospheres that allow a subtle mental journey, contrasting moments of total relaxation with excerpts of inevitable fury".

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Having read such description I think you may understand why I'm posting this album. This is the kind of stoned hypnotic music that sucks your brain dry; your mind starts to wander and landscapes of different kinds begin to flow with the melody...music becames a mind trip. Now think about how often you listen to an argetinian band...I don't know many, but there are plenty of USA stoner bands...just get it! Poseidotica rocks!


01 - La distancia 04:50 min
02 - Sueño narcotico 06:15 min
03 - Tiempo y espacio 05:57 min
04 - Campo magnetico 04:44 min
05 - Maldita 01:57 min
06 - Equinoccio 04:20 min
07 - Anfibio 03:57 min
08 - Las magnitudes 14: 40 min

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