22 de agosto de 2008

Hielo Negro - Purgatorio Bar [2008]

Well, we got here the last album of Hielo Negro, a chilean rock and roll stoner band from the South of the country: Punta Arenas. I got an uncle in Punta Arenas, he says the place is hell cold, but that they got nice fireplaces to deal with such environmental disadvantages. This is a special band and even though there's is quite a difference between latin american stoner and USA stoner, sure worths to take a look at it, just get the thing man!


01 - Cruz del sur
02 - Purgatorio bar
03 - Kaos ahora!
04 - Arde la tierra
05 - Perro de la noche
06 - Madre yerba
07 - Sangre de lobo
08 - Bastardo
09 - Shaman
10 - Vuelo

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The Whale dijo...

Thanks, Hielo Negro is awesome. I hope I can ever see them live, on their wolrdtour or something!