20 de agosto de 2008

Darediablo - Feeding Frenzy [2003]

I suppose that the people who downloaded Darediablo's first album posted, just loved the band. Well, to be honest, in that post I actually posted last Darediablo's album, not the first, cuz' at beginning the band was doing different stuff to that they did in their 3 last works. Now, this is the fifth album they released, but the second after changing their musical style, change accomplished with "Bedtime stories" in 2002. Well, arguments are no needed here, Darediablo's sound is hypnotic and addictive. I often refer to their sound as initial slow tempos which increase in speed and musical complexity progresively, their sound is unique and way too wide to approach its full extension feeling safe. Darediablo's songs are like a series of explosions in the sky, that in a few second may caught you blind and frenzy mad. Darediablo's sound is soul reaping. A band like this you do not listen it everyday, and there are not a thousand of bands that play like this one, so that's the reason why you "MUST" get this album.


01 - The hornet
02 - Behold the panther stoner
03 - Feeding frenzy
04 - Celebrity shark week
05 - Slide rule
06 - Under the table
07 - Dark horse
08 - The rig
09 - Crockett & tubbs
10 - Reisenberg
11 - Red shoes

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