24 de agosto de 2008

Demon Cleaner - The Freeflight [2000]

Well, I was suppose to keep up uploading the albums Decibel's magazine believe the best, but unexpectedly, I came up with Demon Cleaner's albums, then I remenbered that someone asked for them. So here I'm now fullfilling such request. Don't know many things about Demon cleaner, except that the band was formed in late 90s and broke up after their second release. After Demon Cleaner broke up, Daniel Lidén joined Dozer while Daniel Jansson and Snicken created Stonewall Noise Orchestra. Daniel Lidén and Daniel Jansson were also members of Greenleaf. Finally, this post is possible thanks to "Son of Desert", thanks man! you rock! Now let's get the album.

PD: hey I just couldn't find any good picture of the band or album, so I added that one =P, I find it sweet.


01 - Riding high
02 - Head honcho
03 - Megawheel
04 - Green leader
05 - kickback
06 - Up in smoke
07 - Barracuda
08 - Nasty disease
09 - Mothertrucker
10 - Heading home

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