24 de agosto de 2008

Sleep - Jerusalem [1999]

Wondering in the net, the other I came up with a top 20 list of the best stoner album ever -top created by a magazine called "Decibel magazine"-. I fuckin' ended up quite amazed of the albums and bands I saw in that list. So, hell curious about some unknown bands I started to look for some info to find out that some of them were nice and some other very weird... I kinda think I will post most of them, just for you to check them up. Now, I'm starting with this one, that I found rather interesting, because it is almost instrumental stoner, which is what I enjoy the most within the stoner stuff. The band is named "SLEEP" and I leave you to read, Decibel's magazine commentary on the album and the mentioned "top 20", for you check up. That's it pals!

The Top 20 Stoner Rock Albums of All Time

20 Fu Manchu, In Search of… | Mammoth (1996)
19 High on Fire, Surrounded by Thieves | Relapse (2002)
18 Acrimony, Tumuli Shroomaroom | Peaceville (1997)
17 The Obsessed, Lunar Womb | Hellhound (1991)
16 Leaf Hound, Grower of Mushrooms | Decca (1971)
15 Saint Vitus, Born too Late | SST (1986)
14 Cathedral, The Ethereal Mirror | Columbia/Earache (1993)
13 Monster Magnet, Spine of God | Caroline (1991)
12 Witchfinder General, Death Penalty | Heavy Metal (1982)
11 Masters of Reality, Masters of Reality | Def American (1988)
10 Hawkwind, Space Ritual | United Artists (1973)
9 Melvins, Bullhead | Boner (1991)
8 Blue Cheer, Vincebus Eruptum | Philips (1968)
7 Trouble, Psalm 9 (a.k.a. Trouble) | Metal Blade (1984)
6 Queens of the Stone Age, Self-Titled | Loosegroove (1998)
5 Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath | Warner Bros. (1970)
4 Kyuss, Blues for the Red Sun | Dali (1992)
3 Sleep, Jerusalem | Rise Above/The Music Cartel (1999)
2 Electric Wizard, Dopethrone | Rise Above (2000)
1 Black Sabbath, Master of Reality | Warner Bros. (1971)

retrieved from: http://www.decibelmagazine.com/features_detail.aspx?id=8936

"3 Sleep, Jerusalem | Rise Above/The Music Cartel (1999)

The words “stoner epic” don’t even come close to describing the extreme riff-hypnosis that Jerusalem visited upon the red-eyed legions of heshers, grass pirates and acid casualties who genuflected at the altar of the legendary power-trio known as Sleep. In 1995, after two albums (’91’s Volume One and ’93’s Holy Mountain) bassist/vocalist Al Cisneros, drummer Chris Hakius (both currently of Om) and guitarist Matt Pike (currently of High on Fire) recorded their masterpiece—a one-song, 52-minute album—with financial assistance from their new corporate benefactors at London Records. Jerusalem is Sabbath in slow motion, Earth 2 without track divisions and the soundtrack for an eternal bong-huffing caravan to the heart of the Holy Land rolled into a thick, hazy hour of thundering chords, booming vocals and terminal battery. Sleep would break up years before their official release in 1998, but the album originally entitled Dopesmoker will always be one of the world’s quintessential head classics. —J. Bennett"

01 - Jerusalem part. 1
02 - Jerusalem part. 2
03 - Jerusalem part. 3
04 - Jerusalem part. 4
05 - Jerusalem part. 5
06 - Jerusalem part. 6

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