17 de agosto de 2008

Hermano - Into the exam room [2007]

Well, I'm posting this album so you stoned fellows may check up what Hermano's last album is it like. If you ask me, this far the most weird thing ever done by John Garcia and I don't know wheter for good or bad, it is just different, they sound fine, but they sound different..I would describe this album as clean, sophisticated, melancholy and elegant. Now, it is weird because I have never seen Garcia being so clean, he used to be the other way around. Therefore, it seems his taking new directions for his music. Well, I leave the link so you can judge for yourselves, get it pals!!!


01 - Kenrucky
02 - Exam room
03 - Dark horse II
04 - left side bleeding
05 - Out of key, but in the mood
06 - Hard working wall
07 - Bona-fide
08 - Don't call your mama
09 - Adoption boy
10 - At the bar
11 - Our desert home
12 - Letters from Madrid

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