16 de agosto de 2008

Torche - In return EP [2007]

Torche is a north american band from Miami, Florida, whose tendencies stretch from stoner to sludge and doom metal. Certainly, such blend makes Torche quite an interesting project, which worth to listen. Musically speaking, Torche uses middle-slow rough repetitive compases, sporadic ghastly guitar choral solos, without lacking thundering unforeaseable passages of pure wrath. The band's sound is often compared to that of The Melvins, in what refers to master the formula. Well, that's quite an statement, considering the Melvins' status, so judge for yourselves. Torche burns!


01 - Warship
02 - In return
03 - Bring me home
04 - Rule the beast
05 - Olympus mons
06 - Tarpit carnivore
07 - Hellion

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