12 de agosto de 2008

Karma to burn - Wild, wonderful purgatory [1999]

Yes! Another Karma to burn album and this time the one I consider the best of their discography and a "jewel" of instrumental stoner rock. I don't know up until what extent Karma is famous, but they got a lot of good songs out there, you may have listened some of them in videoclips, movie soundtracks or commercials. Being that the case, this album gonna blow up your head man, and if is not the case, this work of art will literally drive you "up" to "hell" and you will enjoy it. Grab this masterpiece and make yourself feel at home, xenobites comrades!


01 - Twenty
02 - Twenty eight
03 - Thirty
04 - Thirty one
05 - Twenty nine
06 - Thirty two
07 - Twenty five
08 - Twenty six
09 - One
10 - Three
11 - Seven
12 - Eight

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Ricardo Mora dijo...

Thank you for posting this "jewel". I only have their debut album... I'll try to get this again. I remember i gave it to a dear friend for birthday and he really embrace the band as one of his favorites... Shame i don't see him as often as i used to...