11 de agosto de 2008

Unida - Copying the urban coyote [1999]

Now we arrive at the "X" point in the road. What do I mean by this? I mean that personally I think Unida was like the heir of Kyuss, because Josh Homme's projects just ended up firing up in other directions, meanwhile John Garcia just tried to stick at what Kyuss was doing. Well...the "X" thing means fuck, because it is fucking frustating to believe that a lack of resources may fuck a good band. Unida released only this album with the support of a Record, and their second LP was released independently. I firmly believe this a good band, and if the project did not work out I blame the record company and their marketing nerds, rather than to doubt of the band musical compositions. This album just rocks. Besides, there is no other cooler voice than Garcia's voice. Yeh, that bastard has something special, just get this shit stoned fellowships!


01 - Thorn
02 - Black woman
03 - Plastic
04 - Human tornado
05 - If only two
06 - Nervous
07 - Dwarft it
08 - You wish

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