10 de agosto de 2008

Kyuss - Wellcome to the Sky Valley [1996]

Well no stoner music blog could lack this master piece, Kyuss will always remain in an altar and dethroned they never will be. From my point of view and considering my choices and likes within the style, I may say that this album resembles what I think the purest essence of stoner rock, this regards everything from the drum compases up until those dreary riffs and John Garcia's unique voice. Demon cleaner and gardenia are songs just remarkable. Kyuss is the first, the stoner paraphernalia begins and dies in this work of art. So get your hands in this album right now!


01 - Gardenia
02 - Asteroids
03 - Supa scoopa and mighty scoop
04 - 100º
05 - Space cadet
06 - Demon cleaner
07 - Oddissey
08 - Conan troutman
09 - N.O.
10 - Whitewater

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