15 de agosto de 2008

Helmet - Meantime [1992]

Hey! It's not like I'm running out of stoner, OK?. I just wanted to post this one cuz' this band is a kick in the ass. Supposedly Helmet is an alternative metal and hard rock band, I don't know, nowadays it is becoming so difficult to distinguish styles and all the fucking branches that music has that... Meantime is just hell of an album. Helmet got really famous during the 90's and signed like a millonaire contract with Interscope for this one, which was quite weird for a band of Helmet's kind, but they actually sold like over a million copies. Why? I guess they just got what other bands don't, an original and unique sound. So far I know they are still playing and doing stuff, but this album sound is hard to replicate. So, no more comments, just get it will you?

"Their music is characterized by repetitive, syncopated, staccato guitar riffs, often in odd time signatures, and almost always in a minor key with drop-D or drop-C tuning. The guitar sound is heavily distorted and dissonant, with choruses that often involve guitar feedback waves."

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PD: this post goes from my pal "Aysen" ajajaja (cool as ice)


01 - In the meantime
02 - Ironhead
03 - Give it
04 - Unsung
05 - Turned out
06 - He feels bad
07 - Better
08 - Borrowed
09 - Fbla ii
10 - Role model

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